Trump’s Bully Roy Cohn — Dec 11, 2017

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

Donald Trump hosted a program called “The Apprentice” for 14 seasons. Trump had a mentor himself, the gay Jewish mafia lawyer Roy Cohn (1927-1986) who taught him to be a bully. This didn’t work out for Cohn. For our sake, hopefully, Trump has learned better.
(Disclaimer- I know Blumenthal worked for the Clintons but Roy Cohn’s history is well known.)

A Short History of the Trump Family 

by Sydney Blumenthal — (Except by 

Roy Cohn, the Mafia lawyer, was more than just the consigliere in Trump’s story. He was Donald’s mentor, his godfather. If Trump received an education beyond his two years at Fordham and as a transfer student at Wharton (‘I’m a smart person. I went to the Wharton School of Finance’), it was from his guide through the circles of the Inferno, who conducted master-classes in malice.
Trump was an apt pupil in aggression. ‘I don’t think I got that from Roy at all,’ Trump told the Washington Post. ‘I think I’ve had a natural instinct for that.’
He didn’t really need an education in heartlessness, but he learned the finer points from Cohn. Offering his highest praise, Trump called him ‘a total genius … he brutalized for you.’



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