Ruth Baader Meinhof Ginsburg and the Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat don’t Celebrate Christmas

Visible Origami — Oct 10, 2017

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The culture has compacted into a solid waste. It is contracted into itself against the dissolution force of the surrounding water. Next time you hear some gang banger ask “iz yo shit tight?” You can refer back to this post and perhaps muse to yourself; “I don’t know about me but if pressure has anything to do with heat and if concentration of mass is a factor in generating it, I don’t have to be a zombie, lab constructed, clone of Stephen Hawking to predict the potential for serious spontaneous combustion up in heaah.” You see it swirling below you, as if in some fugue state of an acid flashback, rolling along the porcelain sides like a demented baseball. The irresistible sucking force of the toilet pulls at it and in some strange defiance of the laws of nature, it suddenly explodes into flame. The water flies everywhere, as the burning orb rises and begins to revolve like a refugee road apple, twirling silently in space. You wonder for a moment if this is how the universe was born, then you shrug and go looking for a towel. You come back and its still there. Later that night, awakening from a stupor that you had drank yourself into, you see it still turning in the darkness of your room. Lucky for you there is still a half a bottle of Wild Turkey on the night stand.
The name of the article is “J. Law’s Wild Genius.” Need I say more? Can I get an amen up in heaah? These days nothing ever happens for the reasons it obviously, prima facie happened because of; it happens the way some snake tongued psychophant says it did.
According to the Michelin Tire Man of Christmas Present (I didn’t even know if this toad said what I figured he would say. I first commented and then went looking for context/evidence) Trump’s shiz is tight, provoking World War 3 at the behest of his Israeli handlers. We don’t know what is on the blackmail worthy video they got of him; a little something that got filmed during a Jeff Epstein, dirty weekend? No one’s gone broke yet, over estimating how far Trump will go to prove he’s out of touch with reality …but there are people around him who are informed enough to point out certain glaring and obvious considerations. Clearly… the farce is with them. Most assuredly what is said here is true. If it looks like a Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat and it walks like a Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat and it talks like a Northern Hairy Nose Wombat, it probably is a Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat… except if maybe you see it next year …cause it might not be on the planet any more, or maybe it will be so… never mind, for the moment it likely is a Northern Hairy Nosed wombat, unless it’s Ruth Baader-Meinhof Ginsberg.
When the only Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat in the northern hemisphere goes out to hit the clubs, it often will invite Ruth to tag along, counting on the theory that a less attractive female makes the more attractive female even more attractive by comparison. You can hear the gangbanger, wearing more chains than Marley saying, “I’d hit dat.” It’s a beautiful thing. Such a comment would have the animal rights people up on their hind feet.
If I were white and I had said that it would probably be racist but even ordering vanilla ice cream now is racist. You’re best bet is to go with strawberry. Unfortunately, vanilla is three times as popular as the next flavor. The marketplace doesn’t lie but the marketplace is racist.
We’ve gotten the political correctness flu bad. In one corner are far too many people screaming and frothing at the mouth; actually believing the bullshit. In another corner are far too many people in coward ass, cringe mode and looking for the exit, muttering, “I got nothing to say. I gotta go.” In another corner are far too many people aware of nothing but the wild intoxication of their appetite(s). In another corner there are far too many people who don’t know what I am talking about and there are a lot more of them than you might think. It is easy to see the level of awareness and information retention that is present in most of the world. In another corner… I ran out of corners. Does that mean I’m cornered or do I have to get all pentagular on you?
I feel adrift sometimes in this world. There is nothing for me to attach myself to. There is no inclination to either. There is not much I would get up and go out of the door after. I don’t shop. I don’t long for anything, except the ineffable. The whole world seems to me to be a kind of prison system, where the level of confinement is dictated by the awareness or lack of awareness of the one confined. Sometimes the truth of this is startling to me, when a particular example of it slips into my mind and catches me in such a way as to entirely surprise me. My hand goes to my chest and I find myself saying, “Oh my God. How is this possible?”
If we could see from a more heightened level of perception we might well see people drawn and herded in every direction and often in large numbers in specific directions. On psychedelics I have seen formerly invisible lines of influence as actual cables, ropes and chains. I have seen the lifetime of an individual written in a mysterious language in their face. It is as if all of what has yet to happen has already happened and somehow they are living in the echo of it, going through the motions of dance steps and moves already choreographed. It is difficult to put into words what I mean and perhaps it always will be. I know there are those who can cause visions to appear in the minds of others, which perfectly illustrate what words are incapable of but that is talent of a very high order.
What I notice about masters and also those who call themselves masters or allow others to call them masters is that, when they are bonafide and real they appear and also behave very differently than the rest of us. There is a noticeable presence about them and that presence is whatever the degree to which the ineffable has introduced himself into them. In the cases where people are masquerading and pretending to mastery, there is also a noticeable difference but that difference is what exists between them and the ones who are real. It is not that unusual for pretenders to have a light around them and surely you must be familiar with charisma. When I met Elvis Presley there was no missing the aura of light and magnetism around him. Charisma comes about through a particular placement of one’s stars and it can also manifest at one point and disappear at another. Charisma is not a spiritual quality but certainly spiritually advanced people can possess it.
We started out one way with this posting and then we wound up somewhere else entirely. I wonder where we are headed as we approach the conclusion of this particular offering. Then it occurs to me, spontaneously animated in my mind that surely I should, at this very moment cry out,

Merry Christmas!!!

and most certainly, “God bless us everyone!” Sometimes I think about what it must have been like to be Charles Dickens and to have lived in an England where they would hang a 9 year old boy for stealing a loaf of bread. Apparently he had as much impact on the child labor laws as anyone else ever did. What must it have looked like to him on occasion, staring out from some point in the far future, which, from what I can see we have not yet arrived at? Then I look out at the world around me right now and I can see what I see and I hesitate to tell you what I see; mindful not to judge lest I am judged (good luck with that Visible) and also wishing to remain ever hopeful because, ♫a change is gonna come♫ We just don’t know when. I will admit to a keen sense of disappointment but perhaps that is only me and my limited view.
Remember this very important thought and if you were unaware of it previously then be of good cheer when you consider it. If the Lord Jesus Christ has not been awakened into consciousness within your heart then that awaits you!!! Imagine it. That awaits you. Understand that this is a gift of the spirit freely given and there as the solace and succor of every longing and broken heart. Heart’s are only broken in order to teach us how to love. An unbroken heart is without any real value whatsoever. What is that line from the Bible? “And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”
To give you an idea of how confused and lost religions have gotten, look at the amount of translations from the different translations of the Bible. The time has come for the avatar to make his next passage through this vale of tears and set the simplicity of the gospel right, once again providing scripture for the masses and revelations for the disciples.
If Christ or another like Christ, who would also be Christ, like a rose by any other name, has not come awake within you, you have that waiting for you because it was for you that it came into being and meaning in the first place. YOU are the reason Christ came to walk and teach here and he will not rest until he has brought that to your attention in the most profound and lasting manner as possible.
Therefore, celebrate this Christmas with all of the anticipation and certitude that you can muster and KNOW that each day brings you closer to that everlasting moment. This is the gift eternal and the gift that keeps on giving forever and ever. Let the awareness of this grow and grow in you with each approaching day. That is what the Christmas Spirit is! Let Christmas be a lasting testimony to you; how great Love can be and… go from that to sharing your love as widely and consistently as you are capable of doing. It will grow and grow as a result because that is what love does.
End Transmission…….
Just because I mentioned opportunities in virtual currency does not mean I am advising the reader to invest in them. That is your decision and do not blame me if it goes south. Then again, it might shoot through the roof. In my next Dark Web article, appearing any time, I talk about Peerplay currency and the Bookie app and the fact that it just came out and the WORLD CUP happens this next year. Peerplay is selling for around $5.00 at the moment.
Don’t invest if you don’t know what you are doing or unless you are willing to take the responsibility upon you. I discuss things and illustrate how they appear to me. I do not encourage ANY action except the pursuit of and the love of the ineffable. For that I take FULL responsibility.



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