Sexual Harassment OverKill — Dec 9, 2017

A chill falls over heterosexuals)

A chill falls over heterosexuals

Much as I enjoy seeing so many liberal hacks flame out, a distinction should be made between predators like Harvey Weinstein/Kevin Spacey, and the merely uncouth like Al Franken/Charlie Rose. Only the former should lose their jobs. The latter should be put on notice by employers.
This latest campaign is part of an orchestrated program to make heterosexuality a pathology.
Heterosexual union is based on women entrusting their power to a man. This requires that a man earns her trust through courtship.
The focus on bad behavior by so many prominent men undermines women’s trust. It reminds me of a feminist workshop where a mannequin of a Korean comfort woman described the indignities she suffered from Japanese soldiers. I could feel a frigid pall descend on the audience of impressionable young women who crossed their legs. This is how lesbians are made.
Many women trade on their sex appeal, especially in show business. They are not blameless.   Below, Dave Daubenmire presents a realistic and un-PC vision of recent focus on harassment.

Is Feminism Ruining Relationships?

by Dave Daubenmire — (


Self-described “nasty woman” i.e. man hater featured by TIME

I have to confess that all of this talk about sexual harassment of women is driving me a bit crazy.  I also know that it is getting more and more risky to speak out against the established narrative as presented to us by the national thought police…
In all of the cackling about equality, and equal rights I find it amusing that we allow the fall-back position of so many “strong” women to be “he harassed me.”  Sex was designed to be a participatory exercise and in a nation that now declares all “genders” equal how are women able to get away with playing the role of the helpless, weaker victim in this charade of sexual victimization?


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