Why Suspicious?

Following yesterday’s letter in the Guardian from 6 medics who do not think that it has been shown that Dr Kelly committed suicide, I was contacted today by a researcher for a possible documentary looking into the suspicious circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly’s death. I was asked why I thought his death was suspicious…. Out of the many possible angles, I chose this one:

Dr Kelly was found by the SE Berks volunteers to be slumped against a tree – that is, with his head shoulders (at least) propped against the tree. Lord Hutton said in his report that there was a photograph in existence showing this to be the case. Yet the rest of the witnesses, after DC Coe had attended the body for half an hour, said that the body was “flat on its back”. Dr Hunt, the forensic pathologist, was VERY clear (and was specifically asked by a barrister whether or not the body was touching the tree) that the BODY WAS NOT TOUCHING THE TREE – just lying flat on its back near the base of the tree.

Then consider this: Dr Kelly had vomit on his face. The direction of the dried vomit was towards his ears. Now if his head was propped against the tree (as the photograph shows) the vomit would have trickled down his chin and neck. So that suggests that the position in which he was found was not the position in which he died.


If anyone comes across a contact address for Patricia Rodrigues-Walsh, the criminal psychologist who stood up at the Hutton Report reading and shouted out that it was not suicide, please contact me at the address above.

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