Jerusalem Recognition Stems From JFK’s Murder — Dec 7, 2017


Crypto-Jew LBJ played a critical role in assassination and cover-up. Click to enlarge

 On November 20,1963, the US delegation at the UN called for the right of displaced Palestinian Arabs to return to their homes in Israel and for those who chose not to return, to be compensated. Nothing came of that or of Kennedy’s opposition to Israel acquiring nuclear weapons.
A direct line runs from JFK’s assassination Nov 23, 1963, through the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty to Israel’s role in 9-11 to Netanyahu’s 26 standing ovations from Congress in 2015 to Trump’s decision Wednesday likely influenced by Mossad sexual blackmail.
According to Michael Collins Piper, the Mossad likely played a decisive role in Kennedy’s murder. Connect the dots folks. The US has been hijacked. Americans are the bitches of the central banking cartel who use Zionism as their instrument. Like Communism, Zionism is a part of Freemasonry (Cabalism, Satanism).  Below, The American Chronicle elaborates on Piper’s findings.

Source: The American Chronicle  — (abridged by 

We have long maintained that it took a village to murder the president, but the work of Michael Collins Piper distills the motive of the crime and its origins in Israel and with leading Zionists in the United States and Canada.
Although the final act which sealed Kennedy’s death was his refusal to permit Israel nuclear weapons, he was a marked man from his inauguration when he was forced to accept Lyndon Baines Johnson as his Vice President. Johnson’s maternal grandmothers were Jewish which, according to modern Jewish law, makes the child a Jew. Johnson spent time in the 1940’s smuggling arms into Palestine for the incipient Jewish state and aided their illegal importation into the United States in the 1930s…
The gauntlet against Kennedy was thrown down on June 26, 1963, when David Ben-Gurion resigned from office in protest over Kennedy’s refusal to grant nuclear technologies to the terrorist state of Israel. Wikipedia claims that Ben-Gurion resigned for “personal reasons” but only a shill or the incompetently naïve would accept such statement. Ben-Gurion’s very dramatic action was a signal to complete the operation to murder Kennedy.
Some authors such as Jim Marrs have protested Jewish involvement in the murder because the State of Israel supposedly lacked the ability to reach beyond its borders in 1963, but he misses the point entirely. The State of Israel is international and transnational – a lawless state which knows no borders. Thus it could rely upon very powerful Zionists in the United States and Canada to do its bidding. The Diaspora is the State of Israel, of which Israel is but a mere doormat.


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