Swedes Are Second-Class Citizens in their Own Country

henrymakow.com — Dec 5, 2017

swedish cops welcome migrants at train station

Swedish cops welcome migrants arriving at train station. Click to enlarge

Swedes today are second-class citizen in their own country, serving only as hard working cash cows to pay tax money to finance their own displacement.
This is the fate of all countries that succumb to the Masonic Jewish (Communist) globalist agenda.

(Translated from the Swedish by K) 

By Karl Johansson — (henrymakow.com)

Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice asks a number of highly relevant questions. How is it that the police urge women not to go out alone in the evenings and never give the reason?
Political correctness requires they speak in codes to avoid saying anything significant.
They need to admit that the increased crime is due to the multicultural experiment.
Why do the Swedish police lack resources and will to eradicate serious criminality like rape, violent crime, gang crime, legitimate expulsions? Why don’t they venture into the no-go zones?
swedish police at noord front demoWhy can hundreds of police officers, police cars, helicopters, secret agents, infiltrators, water cannons, surveillance equipment etc., be collected when nationalists use their legal rights to peacefully demonstrate?
Of course, it comes down to political will. There are enough resources to attack Swedish nationalists who walk down a street, but not to protect Swedish boys and girls who are exposed to immigrant violence on a daily basis.
Why do Swedish politicians want to replace a homogeneous, peaceful, high-productivity and highly intelligent population with a fragmented, uneducated, low-productive and often low-intelligent population from developing countries?


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