Rape rampage coming down on Sweden

From Fabian in Sweden — Dec 3, 2017

Swedish rape victim1

Swedish rape victim.

The image Sweden as a calm safe place, especially for women, has long been an established ”truth”; a truth which is changing fast due to the brutal reality. Sweden is according to UN statistics one of the worst places on earth when it comes to sexual crime. The politically correct extremists uses all kinds of excuses to brush over this fact. The PC-extremists are for instance saying that the explosion of rape-cases in Sweden is good since it means now we finally are talking about men’s violence against women.
The fact that immigrants are responsible for the vast majority of the rapes in Sweden is considered a myth used by racist right wing extremists. For some reason the ethnic origin is always important when non whites are victims, but to point out non whites dominance of crime is racist by the same confused standards.
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In 2016 14% of young women 16-24 in Sweden were, according to interviews, victims of sexual crime. If we assume (incorrectly) that all women are victims only once, the likelihood of a woman today 16 to be a sex crime victim before she turns 25 is more than 50% provided the 14% stays the same during the period. The vast majority of the perpetrators are unknown or only superficially known to the victim according to BRA (The Swedish bureau of crime statistics).
Swedish rape victim3The Swedish authorities are fighting tooth and nail to keep these data out of sight from the Swedish people, and anyone who tries to shine the light on this catastrophe is branded a racist, hater, or right wing extremist. People loose their jobs and are shut down from social networks and web-hosting companies. Some organisations even have their banks closing their accounts. It is very strange as a Swede to see how persistently the establishment are fighting to keep the thousands of raped Swedish women out of sight from the Swedish people.
One website shining the light on this is www.gangrapesweden.com which has gathered the convictions for gang-rape and brutal rape, and indexed perpetrators according to origin. Non-Swedes make up the vast majority of perpetrators of these rapes that are unimaginably brutal and sadistic. I will here take one out of the lot and translate into English:
From the police investigation protocol 2016-08-15:
”It was 19-20 guys waiting in a stairwell. They were discussing who would fuck me first and I panicked. Someone pinned me against a wall and put his penis far down my throat.”
”5-6 guys lift me up and carry me through the stairwell. The others follow. Then I recive a kick to my head”
”Then they banged my head to the floor until I lost conciousness. When I woke up I had one in each hole. Mouth, vaginal, and anal. Then they switched places.”
”They pulled me up to the second floor in the stairwell. Many were standing with their pants down waiting for their turn. They pulled everything off me, I was totally naked, the clothes were scattered around the stairwell. They kicked me. They are skinny tall immigrants of different nationalities. They are in their twenties.”
”I was laying on the floor, then I had to stand on all four. One was in front, and one was behind. They were laughing. They thought it was fun.”
”A man came out into the stairwell to throw away garbage. Hed did nothing to help me. He greeted the guys and returned back to his apartment. I was laying naked on the floor.”
Police notes after interrogation 2017-06-19:
”She describes again how they held her and turned her over so that one guy could sit on the stairs and push his penis into her mouth, while they could simultaniously rape her anally. She is saying that this specific act, when one pushed his penis far down her throat at the same time as someone else raped her anally, was the worst during the whole rape.”
”She says someone took out a knife as they were about to rape her anally. She the cried ”please not in my butt”. He hen put the knife on the floor.
She tells that at this point she was laying on the floor, face down, stretched her arm and grabbed the knife. She says she the waived the knife as good as she could to fend them off.
At this point one of the guys had penetrated her anally. Since she was on the floor, face down, she could not see so much what the other guys were doing.”
”One of the guys were a bit older, about 25-27 years, strong and fit, took a firm grasp and pulled her head up. He then forced his penis into her mouth. He forced it in so far that she had difficulties breathing. She tried to turn her head away to get air. The gut then got angry and punched her face so she got a nosebleed”
”As this was going on more young guys came forward and wanted to have sex with her”
Another Swedish rape victim. It should be noted that we have withheld posting some photos of rape victims, which are far more shocking. Click to enlarge

Another Swedish rape victim. It should be noted that we have withheld posting some photos of rape victims, which are far more shocking. Click to enlarge

Even though this is probably one of the worst gang-rapes in Swedish history it is not unique. Not only was this woman brutally raped in Fittja, one of the multicultural suburbs of Stockholm, she also pleaded for help a few times after the rape, but nobody took mercy on her in this not so Swedish area of Sweden. She was denied help with words like ”you are disgusting, you have semen in your hair”. She was forced to take the tube to the center of Stockholm before she recieved any help from an outsider.
Still the Swedish government is focusing on ”hate crimes on the internet”, as opposed to the very real crimes Swedish women are forced to live with. There are no government action plans to stop the gang-rapes, and the press is consistently obscuring the identities of convicted rapists by pixeling photos and withholding information about the rapists identity and origin. This evil agenda from the Swedish politicians and the press makes Swedish liberal young women easy targets for these sexual predators. The women are taught they have the right to dress as they wish, and to be as sexually active as they wish, at the same time they are brainwashed to be anti racist. This in combination with the attitude of many migrants towards Western women is a toxic combination resulting in a dangerous combination when it comes to sexual violence.

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