Brendon O’Connell is a Political Prisoner in NZ — Nov 29, 2017

that huge Iranian flat bread hides souvlaki skewers & onions. Click to enlarge

Brendon O’Connell pictured in Tehran earlier this year. Click to enlarge

Brendon O’Connell, a thorn in the side of the Zionist World Order, arrived in New Zealand Oct 6. from Malaysia, seeking political asylum.
He has been incarcerated ever since. He hasn’t committed any crime. They could have denied him entry. His jailers are portraying him as mentally ill and are medicating him. He has begun a hunger strike.  He spent three years in jail in Perth for offending a Jew. This is a letter to a supporter.
See Makow Comment below- Does B O’C have a deathwish? 

Mt Eden, Maximum Security Remand Center — Nov 9, 2017

Please contact N.Z. government officials to let them know what is going on. If they saw this jail in action, they would have a heart attack. I even experienced corruption in the airport border control where staff stole 400 grams of 90% pure cocaine out of a 3 kg shipment hidden in luggage of a Portuguese national (Brazil.)
I was in a cell with him & he as laughing that 3 kg had become 2.6 Kg. So that was my “Welcome to N.Z.” moment. Truly, you can make this shit up. This was October 13th, a Friday.
The former Minister in charge of New Zealand intelligence – Chris Findlayson – always got back to me. Please contact him & send him this scanned letter & perhaps a short summary?
Phil Twyford is now a serving minister in the new government & I would always get a reply from his office. There were at least 4 more N.Z. pollies but I can’t remember their names. I would definitely include the N.Z. attorney general. I would also contact N.Z. media.
I would contact the Shadow Australian Foreign Minister & the N.Z. f.m, Winston Peters.
It is imperative I not be isolated. It’s clear N.Z. immigration & RSB are going to fuck me in more ways than one. After rejecting my claim they will continue to delay & hold me as they know I will embarrass the crap out of them & what I have seen already. They will seek to do a deal with Australia & send me back to Sidney to be arrested & isolated in prison so I cannot have input into the High Court appeal.

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