Wanted: Rats, Snitches and Busybodies

Zen Gardner – Before It’s News December 16, 2010

Within a week of each other, we now have a snitch program roll-out at Walmart, YouTube installs a Terror Alert Tag, and now Apple of course joins in as the first to publish this Nazi throwback Patriot App—just as patriotic as its predecessor, the freedom-extinguishing Patriot Act.

(BTW—go to the apple app store and see the comments on this new fascist app for an encouraging info-blast!)

All on the heels of the WikiLeaks uproar. Hmm. Funny how they had these programs ready to roll out.

This Should Be Fun

Now anyone and everyone can ‘become someone’ and make a difference protecting our nation’s security.

Right. It’s going to be a firestorm of fear and confusion, all part of the plan. Just imagine how much havoc can be wreaked with false information and random accusations–for which they will be praised for being a “great American”. With as much TV as most Americans watch, they’re gonna want to be armchair Jack Bauers or CSI agents.

The channel is now wide open. Wanna get back at your boss? Your ex? Your kids’ teachers? Students that don’t like their teachers? Wanna get back at Mom and Dad? How about that long hair you keep seeing at the grocery store? Or let’s look around the Internet for views I don’t like or agree with. “It’s payback time for you weirdos! Extremists! Right wing nut job! Left wing wacko! Centrist compromiser! Deviant!” etc. etc. It’s all fair game now.

Remember their motto, “Ordo Ab Chao”. Set confusion afoot and you get your dirty work done in the shadows while they call to you for help to finish it off.

And it’s all at the click of a mouse—or should I say….rat….

It’s No Joke

That’s the problem. The way the laws have been eroded, you’re now guilty until proven innocent and can be held indefinitely under Patriot Acts 1 and 2 and a host of other anti-Constitutional laws, mandates and executive orders, known and unknown.

On top of that all it takes is an accusation, bona fide or not. How easy is it for virtual agent provocateurs to stir up a storm over anyone they want to target. Once accused, job done. As the world’s economies continue to crumble, they won’t have to pay much to hire a hoard of snitches.

Obama said early on he wants to create an army of brown shirt type youth to help enforce this tyranny of fear. Wouldn’t this be an opportune time? He may be down in the ratings, but not for long after the next “event’, you just watch.

Homeland security volunteers in earlier times..."report ANYTHING suspicious kids, terrorists are everywhere!"

1984 excerpt summary:

Winston opens the door fearfully, assuming that the Thought Police have arrived to arrest him for writing in the diary. However, it is only Mrs. Parsons, a neighbor in his apartment building, needing help with the plumbing while her husband is away. In Mrs. Parsons’s apartment, Winston is tormented by the fervent Parsons children, who, being Junior Spies, accuse him of thoughtcrime. The Junior Spies is an organization of children who monitor adults for disloyalty to the Party, and frequently succeed in catching them—Mrs. Parsons herself seems afraid of her zealous children.

Where IS the Dissent? It’s Over, Completely Squelched

Some call this fascist clamp down the fourth Reich, but it might as well be the third Reich since it never really stopped–it just changed faces and moved to the US where they could take it to new levels. And we’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Can that happen here? It already has. We’re completely disempowered while the laws are all in place just waiting for the next excuse to keep ratcheting it up.


Yes–by thinking our votes make any kind of a difference. By submitting to a system that tells us we can only go through those channels. By taking instructions from a compromised media. By waiting for responsible leaders to come to the fore in a completely corrupt system. By not believing it could happen here, as was the case in every country that was ever taken over by despotic powers. By hiding in our religions and believing we’ll only get out of this when the “cavalry” appears.

Lots of reasons.

All while we still put our money in their banks, pay our tribute to them, buy their polluted products and drink in their sewage in the media. And most pitifully, while sacrificing our kids for further indoctrination and drugging in a diabolical school system to further degrade the human race. It’s pitiful.

Without Opposition

Have you noticed there’s hardly a peep of anti-war rhetoric from anyone? That’s all the media could talk about before they installed Obama. Now? Nada.

And where are the true environmentalists protesting the global warming scam, or trying to defend the earth from these nightmarish geoengineering schemes that are trashing our skies and oceans and literally killing our crops, animals and population?

Nothing. All you get is a few brave souls who’ve tried to buck the corporo-media blockage but to no avail. The end run has come from the outcry of the so called “fringe” who’ve been writing, screaming and posting on the net and alternative radio about all this for years. But again, we’ve been marginalized by the voice of big brother quite successfully.

That’s me and you, those reading this. And they’re coming after us and about to extremely limit our medium of information exchange, sorry to say. They’ve been monitoring us closely so know you may well be in the NSA’s massive database. But don’t let that worry you, they consider everyone “suspect” so we’re basically all on it.

Evidence? Look up depopulation.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

They’re coming–and Homeland Security and their ilk look the same now as they did not that long ago–but how soon we forget. Or should I say, how quickly they take true history out of our collective consciousness.

How’d it happen? As the line goes,

Question: “What do you think of ignorance and apathy?”

Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

Bottom line? “Hey, snappy uniforms, good benefits….and patriotic (apparently, but whatever..)”

Check the faces–just scared kids being told what to do. With a little false indoctrination we’re capable of anything.

 Take control of your life. If everybody snapped out of it our world would change in a moment.- Zen


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