Wives of Tranny Men Get No Sympathy

henrymakow.com — Nov 26, 2017

Feminists Ignore the Suffering of ‘Trans Widows’

Dress-RepostioningFemale solidarity is out. A man in a dress is in.
Among feminists, a man who declares himself a transsexual trumps his wife any day. She committed the cardinal sin-getting married to what she thought was a man.

By Adam Cleary — (henrymakow.com)

The media is awash with glowing accounts of men who have summoned up the courage to become women. It is striking how little consideration is given to their humiliated wives. These victims of the Cabalist war on culture have taken on the nickname ‘trans widows’.
Online testimonies voice the silent suffering of these women.
One woman details her increasing horror and panic as her husband spirals out of control:
“I lived happily for 14 years with a man who seemed sensitive, kind, intelligent, liberal, and feminist. We were deeply in love and the kind of couple people looked up to. My marriage was permanent; it defined my future. Two years ago, I would have told you we were unshakable.
Then my husband woke up one day feeling a little “gender-fluid.” Within three months he developed the conviction that he was a woman and he “came out” to everyone he knew.


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