My Best Quips — April 18, 2018

Of course, Love is the answer (because God is Love) but I like to say unexpected or witty things. Apart from being stingy, and loving brisket, it’s one of the few ways I know I am Jewish.
Below I have updated and revised my best witticisms and words of wisdom.
Unfortunately, there are not enough for a book! And love also is in short supply. And no, Idon’t think you’re assholes (any more than I am.)
“If you live each day like it was your last, do you still need to clean your house?”

Makow headstone

Revised & Updated from Nov. 23, 2017

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

“The way to ensure the triumph of evil is for good men to be given good jobs.”
Prejudice is another word for experience.
Teaching is bringing answers to people who have no questions.
We live in a dogma-eat-dogma world.
When I went to university, we were taught to question authority. Today students learn to question their gender.
Feminism harnessed the political power of women who couldn’t get a date on Saturday night.


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