Thanksgiving- Why is it so Hard to feel Gratitude? — Nov 22, 2017

gratitude-can-change-your-lifeTomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US.
Have you noticed that no matter how poor people are, anywhere in the world, they are all engaged in a desperate struggle for survival?
No matter how bad their life is, they want more of it.
This survival instinct is mirrored by all people no matter their material status.
Life must be pretty good if people cling to it so tenaciously.
However, if we compare the time and energy we devote to ensuring our survival with the time and energy we spend feeling grateful for life; well, there’s no comparison.
I doubt if we spend 1/10th of one percent of our energy feeling grateful for the thing we love so much that we dedicate the other 99.9% of our energy to maintain.
Part of the reason is that we don’t know whom to thank because the Illuminati have stolen God. God is the magnificent power that gave us the gift of life.
Thank you, God!
Not only do we not feel gratitude, we devote a ton of energy to being actively ungrateful. 


Continues … (with an interesting reply from Peter W.)

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