The Attention of Our Minds and the Affections of Our Hearts and The Greatest Commandment.

Visible Origami — Nov 22, 2017

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Greetings my dear friends and welcome to Visible Origami. Wow! Mr Apocalypse is working overtime. He’s running amok through the political arena (as was just noted) and in the entertainment and media worlds. In the meantime, the hatred of Christianity is on and on. However, Mr. Apocalypse is getting Tribe centric and using their own media to make it happen. If these are the things we are hearing about, imagine what is going on behind the curtain.
Yes… that was a lot of links and some you might not have seen …but that is the world as we are seeing it transforming before our eyes, unlike the world we usually see, going from one stage to the next, rising up into a better statement of itself or… sinking, by increments, into greater and greater displays of depravity, it goes up and down like an ocean wave, endlessly replicating itself and some of us, by disposition are on the downward arc and some on the upward arc and neither dependent entirely upon the trend of the moment, however that might be the case in general.
No… this is a special time because of Mr. Apocalypse, who is doing what he told me he would do, a few years ago in Italy when we had a several days meeting on higher planes with Lord Ayahuasca in attendance. Time passes because time for me is not the same as time is for the ineffable but sooner or later, what gets told will come to pass. Yes!!!
There are many kinds of faith demonstrated according to our faith. Some might think the most impacting example is what we see take place in our own lives, simply because we believed it into being via the grace of the ineffable. For whatever the reason, I am equally moved by what I see take place in the world around me, independent of any faith and brought to pass by the will of the almighty. I know we have all despaired of anything positive manifesting in in the world with any consistency but there it is. I was told in detail that what is now happening was going to be happening. Better than that, I was told a number of other things which, given what I have already seen are likely, very likely (dare I say, CERTAIN?) to happen as well… I could not be more pleased.
This brings us back to the mass hysteria about sexual misbehavior. Of course various events of this type have taken place and will continue to, because the world is not able to deal with its sexual nature and the relentless efforts to inflame it that comes from the corporate sector, which is ordered into being by dark invisibles who have taken possession of the minds of those who are employed in sexing up everything to drive commerce and to manipulate behavior. Yes… the cosmic forces of social transformation are at work but there is a secret war afoot between conservative and liberal interests who are staging events to cast blame on one another. This is the origin of staged exposures like this and also other similar things, in arranged dramas. These then account for a stunning reversal by Trump concerning Judge Roy Moore. It is important to remember that although the hand of the ineffable is behind the appearances of everything that happens and is ‘allowed’ to happen, this does not exclude the intentions of the players behind the scenes, who think they are manipulating events …but who are themselves being manipulated at the same time. As has been often stated here, the devil works for God. Everything that works, works for God, no matter what any mind might imagine to be true. The ineffable weaves all events and circumstances together out of the fabric of passing time for the purpose of demonstration and as teaching lessons. Everything that has happened or will happen, brings us back to an eventual ever growing awareness of the deeper meanings of The Greatest Commandment.
The world is a fearful and infinitely complex combination of distractions, composed of exaggerated apprehensions and desires whipped up in a centrifuge that dances on a magnetic stirring device, which is sometimes called Planet Earth. All of this ever changing kaleidoscope of seeming and dreaming is an intentional masquerade that conceals what is actually taking place. It is concealed beneath the presentations of temporary conflicts and failures and successes, gains and losses, births and deaths and the portrayal of ‘seeming’ endless injustices because the whole of any manner is never revealed, only what serves the purposes of those revealing the cherry picked versions and which are sometimes the result of conscious effort and sometimes the result of mistaken belief in what does not exist in the form and manner it is advertised as existing in …and sometimes for a motivator of mass response and sometimes as an inhibitor of the right thing; whatever the right thing might be.
All of it all is a mask of overlay, which disguises what is really going on and what is really going on is a spiritual war and the plunder and booty, which in a material sense is often shown as a nation’s resources and its geographical borders, or a desire to control this entire plane of existence is, in reality, the human soul; that spark of the divine which exists in all but a very few and which, even in them might still be present in a microscopic fashion, or being held in escrow at some far reach in a literal black hole. The value of a single human soul is greater than that of all the wealth in the material plane. They can’t really be compared in any case, since one is temporary and of value only on the material plane and the other is eternal and has value everywhere and forever.
Putting aside what some might say about the man and focusing only on the meaning of the title apportioned to him… Mahatma means, “Great Soul”. What this infers is that not every soul at all stages of ‘development’ is of equal power and variety of presence and expression. The goal of every one of us should be to increase the power and variety of presence and expression of our soul and there is only one way to accomplish that and that is through some personal version of adhering to The Greatest Commandment; interpret that as you will and comprehend it as you are capable of doing. I know there are many systems of philosophical and religious teachings and practices that claim to take you to a better place of being and awareness. ALL OF THEM involve some combination of personal industry, devotion and learning. How you sort this out is your own affair. For myself I have found that the essence of every ‘legitimate’ system of thought arrives at a performance of The Greatest Commandment, where one’s understanding of the meaning and real value of it increases as you go, or is forgotten, as the heart and mind are drawn into one pedestrian interest or attraction… or another. Such is the nature of existence; our lives are the product and result of where we place the attention of our minds and the affections of our hearts. One can ‘hothouse’ or fast track one’s destiny. Your fate is in your hands and the disposition of it is in the hands of the ineffable. If you place your hand in the hand of the ineffable, you will have no other concern and this explains why the simplest among us and the most intellectually advanced, ALL possess a similar opportunity for liberation and illumination. The end product of all spiritual search is the wisdom gained from the knowledge that God is Love.
Nothing is what it seems. None of the exposure of sexual peccadilloes among the high and mighty is what it seems, except for the truth that sex is the essential nature of the interplay of all life forms and the command of it leads to the experience of ever greater and more refined expressions of LOVE. Existence is the battlefield of an eternal spiritual war and the human soul is the objective. The true meaning of the life of Jesus Christ exemplifies the victory and poetry of Love, as it is manifested in the highest performance of Love, which is sacrifice and that is what it is in the ‘transitional period’ of the Piscean Age;
“Let us make it absolutely clear that when we use the world ‘Christ,’ we do not necessarily mean Jesus. The Christ is the final step in the evolution of Man. It is a level of consciousness in which the individual has completely unified his Self with the Godhead. In this respect Buddha was a Christ as was Krishna as was Jesus.’ “As in most New Age thinking, Jesus becomes the Christ through attaining the Christ Consciousness, the awareness of the divine Self. Jesus and the Christ are separate because anyone who achieves this spiritual awareness of the inner Christ can become the Christ.’”
That quote is true to an extent but certain important variables are not attended to and the use of the term, ‘new age’ should be considered with reservations, since a good portion of what is presented as New Age is Satanic in its intentions.
“And Jesus, when He had been baptized, went up straightway out of the water. And lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon Him.”
What happens in this world is relevant only to those who are concerned with the things of this world. To triumph over the forces of darkness (our own personal ignorance) and the endless cycle of death and rebirth on the wheel of the fire of desire, one has only to place their fate in the hands of the ineffable. To live forever one only has to die. There are a number of forms of death and one of them is a portal to the infinite.
Christmas is coming. May that special birth take place within us… within everyone who will provide a place for it to take place.
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