Psychiatry in Denial Over Demons — Nov 21, 2017

Demons Play a Major Role in Schizophrenia and Mental Illness. 

schizoSchizophrenia is in the top 10 health problems of the world and makes billions of dollars annually for drug companies. Currently, there is no cure except for suppressing the voices. Psychiatry refuses to recognize that demons are the underlying factor in schizophrenia. They can be thwarted without using drugs.
Even if you’re not schizophrenic, those nasty thoughts we have on occasion could be demons.

By “Mendel” — (

If any psychologist or psychiatrist were to mention the word demons, parasitic entities or evil spirits, they’d be out of a job and perhaps even a patient at the very institution they may have worked for.
Many years ago I started noticing that the audio hallucinations of schizophrenics were not random. The messages are always derogatory, discouraging, fearful or outright evil. A psychiatrist could lose his job for asking patients what the voices are saying, it’s wrongfully believed that the patient will get worse if he describes what he hears or sees.
demonAnti-psychotic drugs can help to calm the voices, but long-term effects can literally turn people into brain-damaged zombies. Abilify (an anti-psychotic used for schizophrenia and other conditions) is the top-selling drug in the US with an estimated sales of over $7 billion a year. It is indicative of what a bad shape the general American population is currently in. It’s big money and big profits. The top 7 antipsychotics each has sales well over a billion dollars annually.
From my own observations, big pharma absolutely does not want a cure and they will put you out of business or worse if you find a cure. There are some high up within big pharma that know about demons as they themselves are Satanists. Patients and professionals are misled into believing the voices are hallucinations.
The patients are not mentally ill, they hear real voices that are not their own. These voices are out to create maximum negativity and chaos. The demons require this negative energy to survive. The voices can grow so loud that the patient is confused and can’t hear others. The voices will tell the patient to do crazy or dangerous things.
When we see a “crazy” person walking down the street talking to themselves, they are actually speaking with real entities and if you ever listened, the conversations are not pleasant. The demons will get their victims to believe they are worthless, hated, stupid and unwanted. Invariably after an attack, the victims will be left exhausted, drained and depressed. This is the point — the demons drain the victim’s energy. They are actually farming people; they allow them to recover and then harvest again. They require this negative energy to survive. There is a cure.

WARNING: If you suffer from this, the voices will do all to distract you from reading further.


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