Six Syrian Refugees Detained For Allegedly Planning Christmas Attack In Germany

Introduction — Nov 21, 2017


On 19 December 2016, a truck was deliberately driven into the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin. Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) also claimed responsibility for that attack, which left 12 dead and 56 injured. Click to enlarge

Talk about a bitter paradox, it’s almost karmic.
In 2013 the West, together with its allies in the gulf states and Israel, were working covertly with Islamic State (otherwise known ISIS, ISIL or Deash) to oust Syrian President Assad. They very nearly succeeded too.
Two year later the same militants were advancing on Damascus and Assad’s position looked perilous.
So much so that the U.S. State Dept. was confidently predicting that the Syrian president’s days in power were numbered. Even though President Obama was publicly opposed to terror this still fitted in perfectly with his plans, after he had repeatedly called on Assad to step down. In fact, in August 2015, the U.S. administration was so confident that Assad’s demise was near that the big question was whether he would fall by Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Had he done so it would have been perfect for Israel and Obama too.
As things turned out it was neither, as the following month Russia stepped in and everything changed. Then in little more than two years Russia, with help from Iran and Hezbollah, decisively turned the tide of war.
Angela Merkel. click to enlarge

Angela Merkel. Click to enlarge

Now Islamic State is on its knees, Russia is once again seen as a power to be reckoned with and, courtesy of Angela Merkel’s open invitation to refugees, Germany has been flooded with migrants who are ostensibly “fleeing terror.”
Despite the fact that most of these migrants are young able-bodied males who, like most of the Islamic State fighters in Syria, are not even Syrian, Merkel’s policy has allowed them into Germany without serious scrutiny.
It was a recipe for disaster and Angela Merkel must have known that when she issued her invitation and gave the go-ahead for border controls to be lifted.
In essence the West is reaping what it has sown in its covert support for Islamic State and Angela Merkel helped facilitate this.
The problem is that it’s ordinary people who will pay the price in terror outrages and fear. While those who made the decisions that helped bring this about — the Merkel’s and Obama’s of this world — will slip into secure and comfortable retirement. Ed.

Six Syrian Refugees Detained For Allegedly Planning Christmas Attack In Germany

Conrad Doyle — GK Men Nov 21, 2017

Six Syrian men were arrested in raids across Germany on Tuesday morning on suspicion of planning a terror attack on behalf of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

“According to the Frankfurt attorney general, the arrested men are supporters of Islamic State and are suspected of having planned a” serious state-damaging act of violence” with “weapons or explosives on a public target“, reports German broadsheet Die Welt.

“They are also suspected of making preparations for an attack in Germany using arms or explosive material”.

Prosecutors say authorities have searched eight apartments across Germany and temporarily detained six Syrian men who are accused of preparing a terror attack.

Hessenschau, a regional TV channel, and Bild newspaper, both reported that the suspected target was the Christmas market in Essen.

Officials have yet to comment on the target of the planned attack.

The suspects arrived in Germany as asylum seekers between 2014 and 2015, and were suspected of being members of the Daesh terrorist group, police said.

The arrest comes one month before the first anniversary of an attack in Berlin by a failed Tunisian asylum seeker who killed 12 people by ploughing a truck into a Christmas market.

Prosecutors gave no further details about the case, saying the inquiry was still ongoing.

About 700 of them are considered risky and capable of a violent attack.


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