Foul Play in Death of Michael Collins Piper? — Nov 20, 2017

Michael Collins PiperTony Blizzard was Michael Collins Piper’s friend and colleague on The Spotlight and American Free Press.
Piper is responsible for exposingthe enemy within” and I wondered if they took their revenge.
See informative riposte from Mark Glenn below! 

By Tony Blizzard — (

I gave it much thought BEFORE he died. His death confirmed my suspicions although I have not one single fact to back them up.
I think because of his talks with Muslim nations, and Muslim friends he made, he became hooked up somewhat with Mark Glenn.  Glenn had sent me a really nasty email over something – I never figured out what – demanding that I take him off my mailing list.  Figured it probably had to do with his love match of Christians and Muslims.  I have no problem writing that the Koran promotes the killing of all “infidels” and that Christians are considered infidels by them.
Later, I was perplexed at Mike’s acceptance – and insane argument for – Sandy Hook and Boston essentially as presented by the media until I saw that Glenn was of the same identical mindset.  This made me believe that Glenn had developed some sort of influence over Mike’s thinking.  In fact, I learned of the similarity because Mike mentioned it, using Glenn as a backup to his take on the events.
Then, when Mike chose the option to go live in Glenn’s “guest house” that thought was confirmed in my mind.  I invited Mike to come live with me but told him it would not be all that easy for him with his walking problems.


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