Jewish Conspiracy Responsible for Anti-Semitism, says Young Israeli — Nov 19, 2017

Jewish conspiracy responsible for anti Semitism says young Israeli“There is a rational explanation and justification for Anti-Jewish feelings.
…a satanic element within Jewry is engaged in warfare against mankind…”
Michael Berg, a young Israeli, says ordinary Jews need to tell Organized Jewry, YOU DON’T REPRESENT ME or they will be blamed for its misdeeds. (Freemasons will ensure that ordinary Jews are scapegoats for what they and Organized Jewry have done i.e. globalism, Communism, gender dysphoria.)

By Michael Berg — (

I was born in Israel in 1985. My family are European Jews,
Ever since I was a young man I had an instinctive feeling that something is wrong in our world…
I was shocked to learn that Judaism was basically Satanic because it seeks to supplant God. Judaism was basically engaged in a tribal racist warfare against mankind. The Jewish religion teaches Jews to hate and fear non-Jews. This is the ultimate racism on the planet.
Satanism (Communism) is a tool of Jewish racism and enslavement.
Anti-Semitism is not a disease but rather a healthy reaction to the Satanic agenda of Organized Jewry (Zionism) who make up the “Illuminati”.
jewishracism19.jpg This unique combination of Jewish racism against gentiles and Jewish Satanism (Cabala) is the real cause of Anti-Semitism.
I always thought that non-Jews hated Jews for no reason like it’s in their blood, that Anti-semitism is just an irrational disease that gentiles suffer from. That’s what I was told…… I was shocked to see that Cabalist Jews control the International Banking, Media and the politics of much of the world and that these Jews are part of a racist Satanic cult. They are not uplifting mankind with their money power and media influence but instead degrading it so they are more easily controlled.
I soon realized that there a rational explanation and justification for Anti-Jewish feelings. I didn’t know that there was a Satanic element within Jewry that’s engaged in warfare against mankind and that’s ultimately causing Anti-Semitism. I had always believed that Jews were a tiny poor persecuted people who were hated for no reason. I didn’t realize that the Jewish grip over the western world was the reason why all Jews – including ordinary innocent Jews – were hated.



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