REPOST – UK weather forecast: Britain will see snowiest winter for 27 years, weather guru claims

Patrick Grafton-Green — Evening Standard Nov 18, 2017

Heavy snowfalls across the UKThe UK will see the snowiest winter in 27 years, according to an amateur climatologist who says he can predict the weather months in advance.

David King, 78, says there will be little snow until early next year but come January freezing conditions will arrive bringing blizzards and causing travel chaos.

The retired Metropolitan Police constable uses thousand-year-old moon charts and studies plants, birds and animal behaviour to forecast the weather.

He said “In next couple of months there will be some snow in northern parts of the UK but certainly below Birmingham and Norwich there will be no snow, or no snow of any consequence, through until after Christmas.

“The start of the New Year will be a different ball game. It is going to be very cold, there will be a lot of snow and there will be travel problems. In the south, it will get down to -5C.

“It will be the worst snow since 1991.”

Mr King, from Edenbridge, Kent, insists he nearly always accurate in his predictions.

He has been practicing his traditional methods of forecasting the weather for the last 40 years and gives advance warning to farmers, growers, horticulturalists and many of those for whom the weather plays a key part in their occupation.

He added: “Last September I said it would be the earliest and warmest spring for years, the summer warm and damp and the autumn stormy, damp and very mild, so far so good.”

“The predominant feature for January is cold, blizzards to start the month then frost which will freeze the snow, followed by more snow with another freezing session of ice. Finally, more frost to end the month.

“Two full moons in the month too, never a good sign, always indicates a wet month – in this case, the wet falling as snow.

“Sadly the conditions do not improve at all in February and although March is the first month of the meteorological spring, [there will be] some most un-springlike weather, with frost and snow for the first two moons.

“I would like to say with some certainty that by the March 21, the Quarter Day, snow will be gone for most of us, but for the exposed parts of the North West, North East and Scotland quite possibly still lingering.”

According to the Met Office, over the coming weeks, the south of the UK should see spells of cloudy and wet weather, while the north is likely to be drier and brighter but colder with some frosty mornings.

Little snow is forecast, and only in some northern parts of the country.

In December the weather may remain largely “blocked”, meaning Atlantic weather systems and winter storms are less likely to affect the UK, and as a result, it is likely to be drier than average.