We are Political Prisoners of Organized Jewry

henrymakow.com — Nov 18, 2017

(This is an earlier version of the speech that  Organized Jewry banned. There is no hate here. It is just European Canadians defending their conception of Canada.) 
Executive Director of CAFE, Paul Fromm is a self-described “white nationalist.” He is one of the few critics of Canada’s immigration policy which is designed to make the European founding races a minority.  When he tried to hold a meeting here in Winnipeg Wednesday, he was literally thrown out of two hotels and denied accommodation at another two. Can you imagine this happening to a homosexual, a transsexual, a Muslim or a Jew? Clearly, Organized Jewry will not allow white goyim to congregate. Why? Because as Fromm explains in the speech, more Canadians are becoming fed up with a racist, anti-white, globalist immigration policy being imposed without democratic debate.  Paul posts a story from the Winnipeg Free Press, a Jewish-Masonic owned newspaper that declared, on the front page Tuesday, that a “White Supremacist” and “Neo-Nazi” was coming to town. I do not belong to Fromm’s group. But I am alarmed that political freedom — free speech and the right of peaceful assembly– has been curtailed in Canada. Anyone who doesn’t embrace the globalist Jewish agenda is smeared as a “Nazi.” This is how Communists operate.

 Only Israel is Allowed to Maintain Racial Identity — Organized Jewry News Releases

Paul Fromm Prevented from Speaking 
Friends of Wiesenthal Center Commend Winnipeg Mayor 
Report from Pyongyang on the Prairies — Hotels Don’t Honour Bookings; Hotels Discriminate Against Whites;  Cops Engineer Banning of Service

By Paul Fromm — (henrymakow.com)  

Posted on November 16, 2017

Report from Pyongyang on the Prairies — Hotels Don’t Honour Bookings; Hotels Discriminate Against Whites; Cops Engineer Banning of Service

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SOMEWHERE IN MANITOBA, November 15, 2017. It’s been a wild day here in Winnipeg. Except for there not being the smell of kimchee in the air, this city is about as free as Pyongyang. It is a story of utterly cowardly hotels, blatant discrimination and, in the background, interference by the political police.
I was supposed to speak to local supporters at the Airport Hilton.
Before I arrived in Winnipeg, there had been two days of lies and denunciation in large articles in the Winnipeg Free Press, written by a reedy writer in a wool cap, one Ryan Thorpe. I comment on one of his smears at the end of this article. You’ll note the article reveals almost nothing about what I believe but unleashes a torrent of weaponized words — “neo-Nazi”, “White supremacist” etc.

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