Zen and Back Again; travels Between the True Light and the False Light; blind and Perfectly Ill

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 18, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
You haven’t heard from me because I saw no point in posting anything until the access problems were solved, concerning Smoking Mirrors and the consideration that it could have, or might have, migrated to other blogs. I haven’t said anything about it but I have been being messed with across the internet via some pretty sophisticated methods. They’re either governmental, agenda driven, or corporate …because nothing else makes sense, given the complexity and (lack of) access that has been at work. I don’t care. I haven’t thought about it much. I just walk away until it starts working again, either through the fine efforts of ‘the elf’, or the ineffable and since all things proceed from the ineffable, or are permitted by the ineffable, well… do the math.
I don’t care if I get messed with or I don’t. I used to but it doesn’t matter anymore. Everything that happens is a particular dealing of the divine with my soul. Everything that happens is related to whatever my level of awareness is at the moment it happens …and is directed to raising my level of awareness. Anything that happens, whether it is experienced as or appears to be good, bad, or out for clearance, is a part of the ineffable’s intention to bring me to godhead as rapidly as whatever resistance I express will allow for …and in respect of the degree of intensity that I exercise in cooperation with the divine imperative; no matter what I might think otherwise, at any other time, has any meaning, or relevance, regardless of any delusion I may be suffering temporarily.
This simplifies everything for me. Sooner or later you have to get your mind right; “You got your mind right yet, Luke?” I got my mind right. We will all be getting our mind right at some point. It might be lifetimes from now and it might be this afternoon. It might be at some point between lifetimes …but it will happen. I can’t take the suffering anymore; not when I KNOW what I now know. Suffering is pointless to me. I no longer want anything that depends on suffering for the acquisition of it and everything material does. Suffering is not entirely the agony of desire and the pangs of loss. It is also resident in disappointment and other states of mind.
I threw away my sphere of influence on the internet by not continuing to play the game required of me to be linked by self important webmasters. I’ve made myself seem to be a mind hijacked fool, by making the ineffable the basic subject of all my writings, with occasional forays into comedy and diminished outrage. I don’t experience much outrage anymore. Anything that can happen will happen at some point but not everything will happen to everyone. You get out of life what you put into it, in every case. Everything is an experience invested in a return experience which, nearly without fail, does not live up to one’s expectations, or else is a manifestation of something one might hope to avoid, were it not that everywhere is Samara, when you have an appointment scheduled. You can blow off agreements and dates in ‘this world’ and suffer no consequences, or little consequences but you cannot blow off an appointment with the Lord’s of Karma, or the inescapable consequences that are the results of such appointments and all of manifest life is a strand of sequential beads, of which each is a moment of consequence, brought about by events from the unremembered past, unless it might be an expression of Instant Karma or… any one of a variety of vicissitudinal possibilities of experience; you like that word, vicissitudinal?
I apologize for using myself as an example or an object lesson as often as I do. The only details I am most completely certain of are the one’s that have happened to me. Many historical events that we commonly and collectively accept as truth, are mere analogy or fabrications, created by those victorious in the conflicts -which granted them the power to write a fabricated history.
God is real! This is what I know; god is real! Everything else may be a lie, or only partially true but that God is real… is a certainty. I’m not concerned about anything else. I’m not interested in anything else and there is nothing else I depend upon for anything upon which I might depend and from which, in truth, I do depend… or extend from. God is light, of which our solar systemic sun is the physical expression and we ourselves are an expression of frozen sunlight, or light in extension… divine light frozen in form but only as time is a force involved in our presence …because we are fluid and in a state of continuous change. “According to your faith be it unto you.” This is testimony of the absolute freedom of being and our true immortal status. We might forget who we are across lifetimes but… the ineffable, that divine indwelling consciousness, never forgets us and will find us no matter how cleverly we attempt to hide from it, or from ourselves.
God is real and you are free to believe this or to believe otherwise, this is not a concern of mine. My only concern and my only duty is to tell you this. What you do or do not do about it… is up to you. I am not responsible for the level of faith or denial of anyone but myself. I implore you to accept this as truth. I beg you with all my heart to believe and live accordingly but whether you do or not is not in my hands. It grieves me that any of you should suffer. It pains me exceedingly that you should live without that joy and certitude which is your birthright. God is real and God loves you. It’s at points like this that I realize that there is nothing further to say but… somehow I find something, especially when there’s a lot of post left, according to the usual-routine length.
I don’t live up to what I know is the most direct and straight course. If I did then I might have to cease a variety of behaviors. Upon closer inspection, I realize that I don’t know the impact of some of those behaviors so… maybe I’m wrong about any number of things and circumstances that I imagine myself to be informed about. As much as I know that I don’t know so much, it could be that I know far less than I think I do, even though I’m already certain of the limitations of my knowledge. Even in the areas where I know a considerable amount, by comparison with rank and file humanity, I still don’t know that much.; Ah Visible… what are you going to do? What are you not going to do? Neither of those are clear enough to me to know what they are. Funny… funny hah hah and not funny hah hah. Takes it all back to Zen in a way and validates the mechanism as well, at least it does if you are standing in several locations where looking at anything results in that perspective.
There are none of the links I was going to put in because the link to that set of bookmarks has been removed from my browser. I can save them but I can’t find them, unless they are in the last 5 or so. Surely that means something. I did find a couple of things that I believe are very interesting efforts on the part of the psychopaths seeking to maintain their grip. As you read this hit piece on Judge Roy Moore, you see it is only incidentally about what he’s been accused of and which can’t be proven. It’s more about fear-mongering the danger associated with what he might do to the celebrity victim pools that the psychopaths have said must be considered more important than any other possible, real or fantasized, victim or created victim icon victims or avatar morphed victims, or victim memes.
You also get to study certain connections and ironies that exist in the departure of this fellow. Maybe the implications of some of the biggest musical hits might indicate something. If you go back in time you come across interesting connections. Then you can discover all sorts of showbiz and music-biz connections to Angus and Malcolm Young. Finally you can study the last years of Malcolm’s life and the state he was in …but you can find that on your own simply by putting his name in a search engine. This is all a part of ‘the trends’ that I study. Everything, really, is a snapshot or an album, a screen capture or a movie of a trend. Think about it. By accident, I had put on Rock Dog near the end of this post and they keep talking about someone named Angus; interesting given that it is about a real cartoon Tibetan Mastiff who wants to make it in the music business and is from Tibet.
Someone said to me recently, “You know that I love you, right?” And I said, “Yes, of course.” Then I was asked how I knew and I said, “because… how can you help yourself?” The reaction was, “Really? You are a piece of work.” I said… “Hey… I can’t help loving you… PERHAPS THAT PUTS IT INTO CONTEXT?” I shouted. Heh heh. You see how it is? You see how it can mean different things depending on how one takes it and how all of us, because of ‘our’ insecurities, can often see certainty as arrogance when it is not. It all comes down to intent in the end and self awareness in the end and intent in the end defines the quality and level of self awareness and also defines the nature of that self (whichever it may be).
I truly do not see how people could help but love me because… essentially, I sincerely love them. This is just as obvious to me that people who have emotions toward me that are other than Love and other than positive (setting Neutral and the ‘jury being out’ aside for the moment) are those who do not love themselves and just as importantly, do not trust themselves. I trust myself because it is that which resides in me whom I trust and not any particular version of the endless replicating versions of my temporary selves, who all kaleidoscope out of the false light of others and myself. Now the mentioned character is ‘Dingus’. Did I simply not hear it correctly to begin with. Not seeing or hearing something correctly ‘to begin with’ sets the trend for something that can only be resolved in certain ways.
You can more easily find what you are looking for if you are sincerely looking to see through everything and find that your judgment of and values according to anything, are shaped by what you can see through and what you cannot see through… keeping in mind that this can ‘be seen’ in two diametrically opposed ways and, what do you know? We are back to Zen again. Zen Again? Zen and Back Again? Perhaps I will shortly change my name to Zen U, or Zen You but not, I suspect, Zen Ewe (grin)
Much love my friends.
End Transmission…….




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