Manchester United cancel David Icke show at Old Trafford after backlash

Jamie Jackson — The Guardian Nov 17, 2017

David IckeManchester United have cancelled a planned show staged by David Icke at Old Trafford on Friday evening because of the former television presenter’s controversial views.

An Evening with David Icke, for which some tickets cost £170 (US$240.00), caused a backlash against United on social media regarding the club’s agreement to allow it. The 65-year-old booked a suite at Old Trafford through an associate with his name being kept anonymous.

A United spokesperson said: “The booking was made by a junior member of staff who was unaware of Icke and his objectionable views. The event has been cancelled.”

Icke, who played professional football for Hereford United between 1971-73, has made a series of allegedly antisemitic comments and is an alleged Holocaust revisionist. He had previously attempted to stage the evening at Manchester’s Lowry Hotel, with that venue also cancelling once it found out his true identity.

After leaving the BBC in 1990 where he was a sports broadcaster, Icke became a Green party spokesman but became known for his conspiracy theories and controversial opinions.

Icke responded on Friday afternoon to United’s decision to cancel the event, describing it as a “disgrace,” adding: “football club cancels tonight’s David Icke book-launch dinner at the last minute on the say-so of an ultra-Zionist hate group and freedom-destroying Labour MP.”