Grace Mugabe flees to Namibia?

New — Nov 15, 2017

Robert and Grace Mugabe. Click to enlarge

Robert and Grace Mugabe. Click to enlarge

First Lady Grace Mugabe was Wednesday reported to have fled the country for neighbouring Namibia as the military took over power in Harare.

Grace G40 cabinet allies such as Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere were also reported to have been detained along with finance minister Ignatius Chombo.

Her husband, President Robert Mugabe, was under effective house arrest at the family’s private after losing power in dramatic fashion early Wednesday morning.

According to the UK based Independent newspaper, Eddie Cross, an MP from the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change, said he understood the First Lady was now in Namibia. 

However,’s sources in the ruling party said the First Lady was still in the country but had been allowed free passage by the military if she wanted to leave.

Meanwhile, regional powerhouse South African said it was dispatching two cabinet ministers to Harare for talks with Mugabe and the Defence Forces.

President Jacob Zuma, current SADC chairman, said he had spoken to Mugabe who indicated that he was safe by confined to his private Harare residence.

The army announced it had taken over power early Wednesday morning as President Mugabe’s failure to resolve the ruling party’s succession row exploded in his face.

The 93-year-old leader had refused to retire but was backing a ruling party faction rallying behind his wife Grace against liberation war veterans who support former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe sacked Mnangagwa from government and the ruling party, but the move has backfired badly for the veteran with the takeover of power by the former vice president’s allies in the military.


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