Who is Jim Stone?

henrymakow.com — Nov 15, 2017

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Background on the Internet’s most provocative and secretive truthteller
It seems unlikely that James Heikilla (aka Jim Stone, right) ever worked for the NSA 
James Heikilla “claims that the U.S. government denied him a passport because he was an NSA whistle-blower. He was actually legally forbidden from getting a U.S. passport because his court-ordered child support payments were in arrears.”

by Merit Freeman — (henrymakow.com) 

In the world of independent journalism, there are princes and there are paupers.  If Alex Jones of InfoWars acclaim is Apollo Creed, the man with loads of money and a mass of affluence to throw about, then surely, the Rocky Balboa, the everyman doing his damnedest to stand up against the status quo, must be no other than freelance investigative journalist Jim Stone.
Any truther worth their salt has read Stone’s report on the March 2011 Fukushima disaster. It is the backbone of his journalistic catalog. His magnum opus, it weaves the evils of political Zionism with the theatrics of undersea nuclear explosions, all under the blanket of a government cover-up.
But who is the man behind the media? Stone guards his privacy with a virtual chastity belt of anonymity. While he slips in the rare quip about his personal life now and again, his readers know relatively little about the man whom they idolize, the man to whom they donate their hard-earned money in order to preserve that his brand of no-nonsense truth.


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