The Dark Web is Run by the Deep State — Nov 13, 2017


“We corrupt in order to control.”
A reader, “Brabantian,” suspects the Illuminati are behind much online porn and pedophilia. This is consistent with my view that humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult which exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick.
(Disclaimer: Brabantian also claims Julian Assange, Glen Greenwald & Ed Snowden are tied to the CIA. I reserve judgment on this.) 
“We become what we behold. We shape our tools & then our tools shape us.”
– Marshall McLuhan, Canadian media theorist (1911-1980)

By Brabantian — (

It appears the hugely popular ‘free porn video’ sites are secretly funded by governments or billionaire oligarchs, the only people who can afford to host them … Consider:
Videos take huge ‘bandwidth’ (data volume) on the web, versus text pages or photos … Just one video can be over a gigabyte, comprising more data than hundreds of normal website pages … & there is a significant expense in showing such a video millions of times … Yet thousands of hours of porn on the web is free via video ‘tube’ sites, streaming huge waves of pornography that would bankrupt all but the wealthiest website owners
IT sites such as TechCrunch report that at some moments, the world’s most popular free porn video site, XVideos, spikes to more than 2% of ALL the internet traffic data volume IN THE ENTIRE WORLD … just that one free porn website … and there are several others mega-popular as well
The free porn sites have advertising links to pay-per-view, cam girl sites etc … but the economic model does not add up, given the huge expense of transmitting thousands of hours of free video pornography to hundreds of millions of viewers … whatever their ad sales etc revenue, it seems impossible that the ‘pay’ side would fund the giant video hosting operation, even bigger than CIA-Google hosting YouTube.
Furthermore, it is noticeable that there is very partial ‘copyright policing’ on the free porn video sites, unlike with popular recent Hollywood films … It seems the adult site owners, collectively have a memo to ‘go easy’ in permitting the free distribution of their wares.


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