Shocking Picture Turned Me Off Porn — Nov 12, 2017

abused-pornMarco: “This is not the photo I refer to. I don’t think I should share it with you for your own sake. It’s overpowering in its diabolicalness. I cannot describe what he did to that girl. When I was on the phone with the police the man over the phone lost his breath when he saw her.” 
Marco finds it disturbing that while famous people are being destroyed for their sexual excesses, the most unspeakable sexual depravity continues to flourish on pornography forums such as Reddit.

by Marco A — ( 

Pornography is of the Devil. I know this beyond any doubt in my mind; it is from Hell. It is Satan’s contempt for woman, and it his attempt to ruin all natural love between men and women. It is a gateway to Hell, and it is opening the door for unimaginable evil to come upon this Earth.
I was a slave to pornography on and off my entire life, but this was a hammer blow that totally crushed that deviancy in me. In my hypocrisy, I often railed against pornography, and indeed I often hated it and went for weeks at a time not looking at it. When I did, I contented myself with the so-called ‘lighter’ forms; a photo here, a story there.
But I know now that it is all wrong. All of it.
I have had the misfortune of seeing something that irrevocably changed my entire being. My mind shifted, my spirit mourned, everything about me changed in that very moment, and I turned back to God. How can this be a misfortune? It is because of the nature of what I saw.
Eventually, you will always lose when you play with fire, and for a few weeks, I delved deeper into pornography. Long story short, while indulging in depravity on the internet, I had the misfortune of seeing a photo of a poor girl sexually exploited, and brutally tortured. Her abuser was taking pleasure in causing this suffering, bragging about it online.
When I saw that photo, and read what he wrote, my entire body rebelled. I stood up, walked three steps and collapsed. I thought I was going to vomit. I was afraid I was going to go mad.
I immediately contacted every law enforcement agency, local and international I could. I also contacted child exploitation organizations and did everything I could to possibly help this poor girl.
I knew then and there that pornography is ultimately tied to sexual exploitation and every horrific sexual crime imaginable. I explored the scientific literature and found this:
“…Schultz (1971) interviewed severely violent sex offenders and found that invariably they were extensive viewers of pornography from a very young age. Half the men Shultz interviewed told her that pornography played a definite part in their crimes, either by arousing them, or by actually teaching them what to do, or both. The emphasis on the deviant norm: cruelty, perversion, bestiality, and the like, in sex material so readily available, was influential in their sex-linked crimes.
Gager and Schurr (1976) similarly concluded, from reviewing police records, that a distinguishable relationship exists between pornography and the method of operation of sex criminals.” (1)


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