Living for the Material Moment in Snapshot Capture Land without Panorama View

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 12, 2017

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The jackals are howling. The carrion birds are circling. The shameless opportunists are wetting themselves with excitement. Small groups and singular individuals are pushing to the center of the stage to accuse everyone in reach. There’s probably at least a talk show engagement in that somewhere and perhaps a book deal as well. The mindless pursuit of celebrity is something to see. “Hey! Hey! Over here!” screams the man with the illuminated Rudolph the Reindeer clown nose. Then there’s all those professors of Gender Studies who are free to hold forth on any and every issue under the sun. The only requirement is that they don’t know what they are talking about but they did take the time to memorize the party line brought to you by the same people who have been training our police forces and who are now fully informed about the wisdom of it being better to ask for forgiveness afterwards than permission beforehand. That’s what we have lawyers and publicists for. The difference between them is that one buzzes the rim of the toilet bowl like an intoxicated hummingbird and the other operates with scuba equipment or already has gills.
Poor Judge Roy Moore, or Ten Commandments, Roy Moore, as I like to think of him. His misfortune is to be a staunch and fundamentalist Christian in an America hijacked by Satanic Zionistas who don’t want any lawmakers near the sausage factory, or imputing on traditional sexual mores. That is anathema to the Judas Goats, who are engaged in leading humanity through the Gates of Doom. Anyway, the Tribe junta that hates Roy has somehow located someone who says that Roy rubbed them inappropriately around 40 years ago. This suddenly surfaced a few days before the election tomorrow. Interesting timing and what a coincidence! Uh huh. In the meantime, in one of the most egregious expressions of stank hypocrisy, the nearly exclusively Tribe member sexual violators of anyone in reach are presently in the cross-hairs of similar difficulties, except in their cases the offenses are more proven. One of the best ways to get the heat off yourself is to have it put on someone else; thing is, Mr. Apocalypse is wearing the engineers hat and leaning out the window of the big train of destiny and he is grinning like a loon as he pulls down the cord of the train whistle. My man, Mr. Apocalypse, get on with your good self! Ye hah!
Yeah… around the world all sorts of changes are in action. Some people think they are controlling them and some of them have been thinking that for a long time. They really believe that power and position insulates them from catastrophe. Au Contraire, all that does is to maximize the exposure and the audience when it’s your turn in the barrel. You can mention the word ‘apocalypse’ to all kinds of people and they will each have some idea of what that means and often enough these days have no clue at all except for a possible disaster film reference. It doesn’t matter if you know what something means or not. What matters is your relationship to it, because that will be operational whether you know what’s going on or not. Apocalypse has a lot to do with light, though I’ll bet you have probably never even heard that. It’s an easy association to make if you simply look at the dictionary definition of ‘apocalypse’. Oddly enough, this is the first interpretation that I saw at the top of the page; “the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation.” Really? Here’s some more uninformed horseshit. Apocalypse means revealing and uncovering. This is a little closer as the result of taking the word from its origins. Of course you can’t have uncovering and revealing without light. How are you going to see anything without light?
There’s all kinds of light. There is the false light of the world and there is the true light that provides illumination on any matter to which that light is turned. If what you perceive is ‘exposed’ to you via the false light of the world then it stands to reason you are delusional as to the real meaning of anything. Often enough though, people standing in the false light of the world, the last thing they want is the real meaning of anything. People want things to appear to be and seem to be what they want them to be according to their desires in respect (or disrespect) of anything. You can’t tell them anything …and put yourself in danger of being torn asunder should you be casting your pearls before swine. One of the real reasons for not eating pork, besides making the qualities of the pig a part of you is that so many people reincarnate as pigs in times of material darkness. You can argue that point if you wish, you just won’t be arguing it with me. I don’t argue. If I don’t know, I don’t know and if I do I do. End of story.
You need light. You need true light. You need it far more than you know. You need it desperately. You need it the way a drowning man needs oxygen. Let’s address ‘quality of life’ in regard to quality of light. How can you possibly experience joy, bliss or peace in a false light? You cannot be at peace with yourself in a false light, much less with anyone else.
Henry Kissinger, that psychopathic fomenter of global conflicts and strategic location wars said, Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.This is an observation made in a particular light. It is also true that Smedley Butler went on about war being a racket and it has certainly been my observation that the rank and file and probably all the way up are simply canon fodder for wars created by international bankers for their personal profit and no other reason except perhaps to feed horrific battlefield beasts of the lower astral. This is one of the reasons that the Israelis routinely murder the Palestinians and their neighbors on religious holidays so as to make a blood sacrifice to certain powerful demons who assist them in their pursuit of complete world control; something that has never been achieved by anyone and never will. Once there is a sufficient amount of evidence of consistent bad behavior, Mr Apocalypse steps in and sets judgment in motion. Of course it takes far too long in the eyes of many, who live in snapshot capture land and who are unaware of the long view in the mind of The Logos, who weaves all destiny and fate into agreement with the laws and necessities of karma. The entire stage of existence exists solely for the outworking of karma and as a performance piece for the purpose of demonstration.
It behooves anyone with access to the good light to work with determination to serve that light and burn off the samskaras that cloud their spiritual sight. If you can’t see where you are going, you probably shouldn’t be going. There are a number of telling examples in this regard. Years ago a National Geographic team was on Maui, I think it was in Iao Valley. I can personally attest to how precarious that landscape is. They were up on the side of the mountain on one of those narrow trails that are all over the islands and a dense fog came in. If they had simply stopped and waited, no longer how long that might have been, they would have survived. As it was, all of them were lost. If the way is clear, no questions arise. If the way is cloudy, questions should arise. I do not suggest the use of The Magic 8-ball in situations like that.
Cynical pandering commercials are everywhere about the military realm. “Thanks for your service in killing people in lands you should never have traveled to.” Of course, I am a pariah for pointing this out but… so be it. The people selling the bullshit don’t give a damn about these soldiers. They only want them for their escapades and campaigns in the pursuit of world subjugation, which is never going to happen. What do these men tell themselves when they are sent to guard the Afghanistan poppy fields on behalf of the pharmaceutical drug dealers and the big time entrepreneurs of the same?
I’ve never doubted that there are legitimate reasons for a military and police presence but that is all due to living in times of material darkness where the lust and fever for money and goods is greater than any other hunger there is. Someone has to protect those who have too much. Meanwhile, everyone else wishes they were members of the Too Much Club. It’s a scrabbling of blind lunatics after shit painted gold who are consumed with the appetite to eat one another alive. Of course it’s crazy. I can look directly at it and see that but to those who see the matter in another light, it makes perfect sense so get the fuck out of my way. Ah well. All things in time. All things in time. It is especially so as we are in a time of summing up. Mr. Apocalypse wouldn’t be here if it were not so. All manner of events would not be taking place if this were not so. It’s what it is but it’s going to look a great deal different depending on the light you are seeing it in.
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