“Weaving Like Drunks into the Event Horizon.”

Visible Origami – December 14, 2010

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 Everyone wants to know what to do. As a wise Chinese sage once said, “The way to do is to be”. Of course, that same Chinese sage left town when he couldn’t take the state of the culture anymore.

 I want to point out something that I think is of critical importance and I can’t really give you any details on why I think it’s critical because that would compel me to presume I had information I don’t possess. I don’t have any specific information but I do have a strong sense of how very, very transformative it is all going to be. Speculation is unwise but one can present one’s take on the degree of intensity and I’m going to do that, without actually telling you much except to say that ‘woo woo’ should be capitalized like this, ‘WOO WOO’.

 Let’s look at a few things and create a context and then let’s leave it to you to be the judge. We are presently in a state of epidemic corruption of the natural state. We don’t even know what the natural state is anymore. Our world is being gang banged by the most vicious and predatory among us, with the conscious and unconscious assistance of the majority of the population. Imbalance is the direct intent of those who are twisting and morphing living conditions into untenable extremes. Whether they are aware of the effect and wish it so or whether they are just doing their jobs isn’t as important as the fact that it is happening.

 As some of you may know, I am putting out 3 books shortly and here are some excepts from one of them, in draft form, that relates to what we are discussing today. I’m hamstrung without an editor and some necessary start up financing at this point and don’t want to publish without them, so we’ll just have to take it as it comes for the moment. Irrespective of my shortcomings and lacks, we can still bring you things like this in the interim and do our best, which is the best we can do (grin).

 Okay then; we are at the turning of the age. This comes around every 2,000+ years and causes significant changes in everything. It brings an entirely new outfit in appearance and alterations in every single area of manifest existence. Sometimes it brings an end to cultures and history and we are sent back to the wandering tribes’ format. That is how dramatic it ‘can be’. However, that isn’t even the big news. The big news is that we are also completing a cycle of ages; a complete cycle of ages. When this happens, an aperture opens for a dimensional shift in consciousness. Don’t even try to imagine what this means. Look at it this way. It is many times more transformative and matter, mind and spirit shaking than a mere passing of a single age.

 Some of us are going to be given the opportunity to walk right out of the wheel of sorrowful return and into something so powerful and impressive that there are no words to describe it. It’s one of those serendipitous and undeserved gifts that the cosmos comes up with to make up for (grin) all the unknowing and confusion that generally attends the established routines of the official dreamscape, which gets piped through the filtration units of the hallucination machine, which makes you think you are here and it is real.

 We like to think that we possess the objective reasoning necessary to consider what may exist beyond and unseen within the parameters of the web of appearances that surround us. We’re thankful that we even know that there’s more and that we’re not as deeply immersed as those we have to constantly step around in our movements through this shadowland. We are grateful that we have enough wit and imagination to suss out that the fundamental and traditional views of what lies beyond are most likely as erroneous as a television advert. I’m one of those, like you, or you wouldn’t still be reading this or have ever found your way here.

 What is coming is immense and the opportunities are off the charts. I can’t find any way at all to structure, in words, an idea of what that means. There’s nothing to measure it against by comparison. It’s going to come on like a wind whipped brush fire. It’s going to alter reality to the point that one cannot remember what it was altered from and you must remember that that wasn’t reality at all. I could compare it to waking from a dream but it is much more dramatic than that.

 If I could find the hyperbole needed, I would use it. To say that it might compare to the appearance of a hundred massive starships in the evening sky, or the simultaneous appearance of the face of the deity of every denomination to everyone in every denomination, attended by the silence that sweeps the atmosphere of all sound as the prelude to earthquake, it might be some indication but it is no more than misdirection in terms of the thing itself. Keep in mind that the predators are busy developing machines of projection to give these very appearances to serve their dark purpose. This will prove as pointless and useless as anything else they get up to.

 The individual has to drive within for the singularity. Everything external is a projection of what is within. Everyone is going to see an expression of what they are serving and that’s good news and bad news. Ancient myths are going to come to life. There’s going to be a jamboree of a jambalaya, compressing and distilling, while separating and coming together according to metaphysical magnetics based upon the lodestone of your being.

 During the transition, elements of your being, which are not essential to your being, are going to be stripped away by one set of magnets and the rest is going to be pulled by another set. This can be indescribably painful or as unspeakably exhilarating as that long sought freedom from every care and woe. A good way to put it is to say that the very fire some burn in will be the radiant vibration in which others dance. It’s a relationship of very simple dimension and is determined by the values of the heart. You will resist the loss of your chains and ballast or you will not. There’s no more to it than that. Resistance is futile but we all know how desperately we have held on to harmful and useless things without ever understanding why.

 You hear that you must strive and struggle with all your might for that great prize and you hear that you must not struggle but simply surrender. You hear that you should be proactive and inactive and maybe at some perfect balance between the two. All of them work, I suppose, if you are singularly fixed on it with the proper intention.

 What have you gained in this life? What do you hold dear? Are your priceless possessions and object of desire within or without? Are you defined by what you have or what you are? Is your treasure composed of money and possessions or is it something unseen which possesses you? Whether you may have money and possessions is unimportant. It’s your relationship to them that counts and your capacity to render relative valuation to everything in relation to what is truly important.

 Everything you have read and learned… experienced and presumed to be true are limitations upon the actual. Books, teachings, traditions, they take you to a place from which none of what you learned applies because you are now dealing with new dynamics and the rules of one order of being do not transfer to another. Moralities and restraints on behavior are useful in their time. Many things are useful for the period in which they are needed but all the things that made you stable will not provide you with the ability to fly. I can’t say anymore about that.

 For several years, in advance of what is on the horizon, I’ve made certain efforts to create a community and now find that I am mostly alone, except in the virtual, and surrounded by only the unseen. I don’t think that was my intention (grin) but… maybe it was. Everything I thought I should be doing remains to be seen. I don’t know any more than you do. What I do know is that something else, besides appearances is real because I am in contact with it. My relationship to it has provoked me to say what I have had to say today and I hope it proves useful and might serve as a reduction in the potential for fear. Fear and awe are similar in many ways and the difference can prove important.

 I cannot improve upon what that timeless Chinese sage had to say. Being is. I can say that it is possible to leave almost anywhere without appearing to move at all and that the best efforts in departing from a place can often only result in your taking it with you; so much for all of this for the moment.

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