A Young Conservative Woman Speaks About Sex

henrymakow.com — Nov 8, 2017

ybc-parent-and-babyDespite a dearth of positive examples, Emily, 27, has eschewed feminist mind control & instead obeyed her intuition, instincts and common sense. She is outspoken about sex, gender and the married women who hit on her. 
“I bet if people will probably think there’s something wrong with ME. But trying to hypersexualize women and trying to remove their emotions from sex so they can get involved in string-free sex is another way of making them more like men.”

by Emily — (henrymakow.com)

I am a female and I agree that women and men are not the same. And about how women desire to be passive in sex and feel emotionally secure to orgasm. It’s very true. But it isn’t understood??? I used to think it was normal what I felt until I got into my 20s and realized apparently people no longer feel what I would call normal sexual desire.
I grew up without watching much T.V. And without ever watching porn as I found it highly morally bankrupt & thought it should be illegal. I also stopped listening to music when I was a child as I found the content mostly stupid or foul. So I was not very influenced by the media still don’t know most celebrities even today, and just had my own innate feelings to go off so wasn’t as shaped by the media.
I think that women aren’t naturally as ‘sexually aggressive’ as they are now promoted to be. I never had a desire to masturbate, never masturbated, would not have known how to masturbate anyway. I do not think that it is abnormal too. I didn’t go through puberty until age 15 and did not get any noticeable sexual desires until I was about 18-19.


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