Auschwitz for Schools and the New Religion (Part I)

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For December 13, 2010

How uncomfortable it is to write about this subject.

For the third time I have been working in a school that has sent a class of its students to Auschwitz.

These same students first went for a preliminary ‘experience’ by attending a talk in London given by 81-year-old Auschwitz survivor Ziggy Shipper. They reported, as students always do, that the experience was ‘amazing’,’very moving’, ‘humbling’.

Who could possibly complain about young people being given first-hand insights into the one of the most dreadful episodes in human history?

Who would wish to criticise Mr Shipper and the work he does, which must surely inspire the young people he meets to resolve that such dreadful things should never happen again. Who would want to minimise his suffering or the suffering of other ‘Holocaust’ victims.

These talks must have some positive effect….

………but there is another very important side to ‘The Holocaust’ that we wilfully fail to recognise.

It is surely impossible not to notice that the result of our continual collective exposition to ‘Holocaust’ horrors does not appear to have produced a positive outcome in the wider world.

Knowing what we know has not, it appears, made the world a better place.


Firstly, many wars of aggression in the Middle East have been launched under moral ‘cover’ provided by this ‘Holocaust’. As Professor Norman Finkelstein says, “The Nazi holocaust has now become the main ideological weapon for justifying wars of aggression”.

Israel has gone unpunished for its hideous treatment of Palestinians in general and Gazans in particular (not to mention stealing the country in the first place) because western ‘Holocaust’ guilt forbids us from criticising Jews. This guilt also profoundly inhibits ordinary people from stating the obvious about our own societies………that Jewish interests have taken control of our political systems, media and much else besides…..certainly in the US and the UK, at the very least.

80% of Conservative MP’s are ‘Friends of Israel’, i.e. The politicians who constitute our ‘elected’ government are practising Zionists……so who is really selecting these people? Do the British (or American) people want the interests of Israel to be their government’s first consideration?

…..and Zionist domination of UK politics is not particular to the Conservative party.

When Gazans were being cruelly pounded two winters ago, Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown went on television to call for a ‘ceasefire’ (as if he were commenting on a war rather than pure slaughter) at exactly the same time as his (the UK’s) representative at the United Nations was supporting the US in blocking a unanimous UN call for just such a ceasefire.

No British or American politician has the nerve to raise questions about the reality that while our societies endure continuous mass immigration and re-education in ‘anti-racism’, ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’, Israel has been busy constructing roads for Jews only.

We are drilled with a new kind of ‘moral integrity’ propaganda……not God-centred but human-authority-centred.

The real truth is that there is now no integrity at all.

We are simply brainwashed into submission.

The only possible winner in all this is a global elite that clearly already own our political system and our mass media.


If the Holocaust had added to real remorse, understanding, humility, peace and love in the world I AND OTHERS (I’M SURE) WOULD NOT HAVE A SINGLE WORD TO SAY AGAINST IT, even if some part of the legend was not quite right. It’s influence would be benign.

Instead we might realise, far too late, that rather than historical fact we are dealing with a full-blown religious phenomenon. One that has somehow become a new and dominant national religion, indeed the dominant religion of the entire western world, certainly the only one against which it is unacceptable to blaspheme.

‘The Holocaust’ has displaced Christianity in every aspect and in every way.
It is surely the duty of all serious Christians to take a very hard look at what is going on here.


The sacrifice of Christ is replaced by the ‘fiery sacrifice’ of the Jewish people that is ‘The Holocaust’.


People no longer bow their heads humbly and listen to the holy and saving words of the old Messiah, the Christ, a Messiah who came to save the Jews (who still need ‘saving’ from exactly the same ‘satanic’ leadership).

We now bow our heads and listen humbly to the voice of ‘the ones who suffered’, “the Jewish people”, who have become, under the direction and control of their powerful (Orthodox Rabbinical) leadership, their own Messiah.


From a Christian perspective, the old God is ‘The Creator’, The One that affirms, supports and loves all that is, a God that inhabited the body and inspired the teaching of the man Jesus.

The new God is the one Christ condemned when he addressed the Pharisees, the prototypical Orthodox Jewish leadership who first began committing the Talmud to paper after 70A.D.

Christ said they were “Of Satan” and so it remains.

Hard-core Talmudism is a secular drive for power and presents no recognisable God but the collective will of its own people. This ‘self as God’ is the very definition of Luciferianism.


There is a central focus in the world for this new religion. It is Auschwitz.

To here we now send our children on pilgrimages. This is the ‘Holy of Holies’, the very centre and source of our new ‘light’.


The new priesthood is not, for us, the Rabbis. These enforce their will only on a part of their own people.

Those that enforce this new religion on us appear to be our very own mass media and governments…….who, of course, are not our governments at all. Top-down control has been so refined and perfected that the orders we now follow at every level in society originate from we-see-not-where.

The one fortunate consequence of very recent history (with the conversion of private into sovereign debt) is that it is increasingly clear to the public at large that government primarily (or, many would argue, exclusively) serves banking/corporate interests, not the electorate.


To define the doctrine of the new religion we have
Yad Vashem.


The dozens of ‘Holocaust Museums’ that have been erected, one of which you will find in a city near you.


If prayer is the constant reminding and affirmation of a held belief, then we are assisted in this work by the constant presence of ‘Holocaust’ stories, references, documentaries and even ‘Holocaust News’ that is placed before us just about every day of our lives.


‘Nazis’ and ‘Anti-Semites’, who challenge this Satanic paradigm.


Christ gave us a command to discover perfect selflessness, to become “perfect as our Father in heaven”, to love God, our neighbour, even our enemies, to overcome evil with good….and furthermore He set us a perfect example of all the above.

This new religion imitates a moral good in order to produce its opposite.

The new teaching is what we broadly call ‘political correctness’. The new ‘Good’ divides us in order that the priests of the new religion might more easily rule. ‘Diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ create a supine monoculture, ‘tolerance’ a new corrupted tyranny. Sexual liberation, gay rights and feminism create a cultural norm of sex-as-recreation that undermines the family as an institution and its traditional values. In all these deceptive forms of liberalism we see Satanism in action (or Judaism for all), its primary target competing religions, Christianity and Islam.

It can be no accident that the current and ongoing ‘Clash of Civilisations’ is between the Christian and The Muslim worlds.

At the same time the dominant caste that promote the new religion cynically, systematically and ruthlessly practice for themselves the opposite of what they have brainwashed us into demanding of each other, as they promote their friends and gather ever more wealth and power into their own hands.


Looking at this new religion and the literally diabolical effect it is having on the human race might easily force one to conclude that there is something beyond the human in its construction.

How could such a thing be created that destroys God in the minds of men, that makes the way safe for the kind of people who carry out false-flag attacks on their own people, the kind of people who start new wars of aggression?

What kind of mind could create a phenomenon that inhibits good decent people, Jews and non-Jews alike, from even speaking up in their own interests?

Only a mind of genius, inspired by or in league with Lucifer.

We watch our children being placed into chains in front of our very eyes and we do nothing.

…..but what can we do? You cannot address issues of money or power without raising the issues of Jewish influence and power…..

…..this Satanic world has today been so constructed that to dare to speak in such a fashion gets you labelled an ANTI-SEMITE.

In this inverted world those who would oppose Satanic deception are the new ultimate evil.

What kind of diabolical mind, what kind of foul genius could create such a situation?

……should we not take at their word those who openly reject and oppose the God of Love and embrace a God that is Its complete opposite.

This ‘Holocaustianity’ is a Satanic religion because it promotes the interests and empowers the agenda of the globalists who are, by their own admission, Luciferians.

The people that ‘The Holocaust’ inhibits us from confronting are Satanists, NOT NECESSARILY JEWS AT ALL…..By intimate ritualised communion with their deity the human satanic power has found a perfect way of USING JEWS TO ACHIEVE THEIR ENDS.

…..and the Goy Satanists are as protected as any Jewish ones by this nightmare religion.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to question the truth of the “fiery sacrifice”. Those that do are sent to jail.

What kind of ‘truth’ needs this kind of protection?

Here we have a new religion to displace and destroy Christianity.

Christians, at least, must surely ask if the central ghastly horror (that of the industrialised extermination of millions of Jews in Nazi gas chambers) is even true.

Is this dreadfully destructive and disabling new religion founded on truth or founded on lies?


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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