Let’s Distinguish Between Sexual Assault & Bad Behavior

henrymakow.com — Nov 2, 2017

Hurricane Harvey (Weinstein) will be positive if it spares women sexual harassment and takes down some Illuminati icons. It will be negative if it pathologizes heterosexuality. (The fact that homosexuality is also in the spotlight re. Kevin Spacey is a positive sign.) 
Thus, it is necessary to distinguish between sexual assault, as in the case of predators like Brett Ratner or Jim Toback and lewd, boorish, bad behavior which is deplorable but not a criminal offense. There is no end to women who have experience of offensive male behaviorMore than half of Canadian women could step up to the podium. 
But should reputations and careers be ruined for crude acts, even if they deserve to be ruined for better reasons? George H.W. Bush and Elie Weisel are accused of pinching some bums.  Dustin Hoffman was lewd to a teenage intern 32 years ago. He propositioned a writer in 1991 which while distasteful and inappropriate is not a crime. NPR Editor Michael Oreskes french-kissed a couple of job applicants 25 years ago.
Thanks to social media and a change in social attitudes, creeps now will be exposed. But, as Lanny Goodman points out below, women like assertive men. Heterosexuality is about males winning female favor. We should not allow a pall of fear to fall over heterosexuality. Women want male attention, from the right male
“Imagine if breathing and eating became criminalized/regulated by the Illuminati?” 

by Lanny Goodman — (henrymakow.com) 

Humans have the right to consent (or not consent) to sex, but the feminist movement has taken it to the point where now college students all around the United States must have a signed consent form before they engage in sexual intercourse.
Polls tell us that the vast majority of women prefer a strong, dominating, aggressive male because they feel more protected, and less aggressive, dominating and beta males usually wind up alone.
But organized feminism, which represents a tiny minority of the female population, has hijacked women and their feelings about sex and relationships.
This is because organized feminism, like other “protected classes,” have been openly (and clandestinely) funded and supported by the Illuminati who desperately want to control people, and what better method than controlling the sexual impulse?

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