Maryland, Wisconsin become 23rd, 24th US states to bar or condemn anti-Israel BDS movement

If Americans Knew — Oct 30, 2017

By Jewish News Service (JNS)

Scott Walker and Israeli Prime Netanyahu on May 12 2015

Scott Walker meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, May 12, 2015. Walker is a presidential hopeful who took his first trip to Israel on a plane supplied by Sheldon Adelson, pro-Israel Republican megadonor. Click to enlarge

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker issued an executive order last Friday to ban state agencies from engaging in businesses with ties to the anti-Israel BDS movement.

[The ACLU has condemned similar federal legislation as unconstitutional. More information about these bills is here.]

“We stand firmly against discrimination in any form and we wholly support our friends in Israel,” said Walker. “I look forward to leading a trade delegation to Israel to foster new trade partnerships between Wisconsin and Israeli businesses.”

[Israel is based on discrimination – see this, and this.]

With the passing of the order, Wisconsin became the 24th U.S. state to enact official measures condemning BDS or prohibiting government business with entities that boycott Israel.

“Consistent with existing Wisconsin nondiscrimination provisions and regulations governing purchases…agencies may not execute a contract with a business entity if that entity is engaging in a boycott of Israel,” the order states. “Further, agencies shall reserve the right to terminate any contract with a business entity that engages in a boycott of Israel during the term of the contract.”

The initiative came just before Walker departed on a trip to Israel at the head of a 15-member business delegation. The delegation will be in Israel until Nov. 2.

Also last week, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed an executive order that blocks his state from awarding contracts to companies that support BDS.



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