The Intricate Dance of Karma and the Piper We Must all Pay

Visible Origami — Nov 1, 2017

(“so many things I want to write about today but… it is Origami and though the distinction between the blogs has blurred a lot over recent times, I would like to get back to a more traditional separation between perspectives so… we will have to wait a couple of days to get into other matters.”)
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It seems to me that some of the best qualities a person can possess are often hidden from the eyes of others. The person exercising them is aware of the value and performance of them but often they are not seen by most. It’s like what they call, ‘intangibles’. Let me provide an example. It might not be the best example but it gives an idea of what I am trying to talk about. Say a person (myself-grin) is walking down the street and sees garbage somewhere and walks across the street to pick it up (often fast food detritus, a soda can, a candy wrapper) and disposes of it. The CCTV cameras don’t usually pick this up and the Channel 7 reporter won’t be following you around, however… you see it. You know you did it and that is sufficient. I could point to a number of actions that I personally take whenever opportunity presents itself because… God sees. God sees through my eyes as he sees through your eyes, as he sees through the eyes of the wicked and the good and… in the end, the judgment passed on us is passed by us.
When you go to that waiting space between lives, you wait. Then, at some point you are taken into something like a room; some kind of environment and you stand before something like a council and video highlights of your life are played for your attention. As you are watching this, you are not watching it the way you may be watching anything now or later today. You are watching from the soul level. The Way to the Kingdom gives some insight in places about ‘the other side’. You see clearly and convincingly what took place. Not everything that happened was your fault, even if you are blaming yourself for it now. Sometimes what you didn’t do turns out to be of far greater importance than what you did do. After you have experienced this, judgment upon yourself is passed on you by yourself. I will not attempt to explain how this comes about. I am not as informed or competent as I need to be. Let us just say, for the purpose of the point under consideration, it happens.
A moment occurs and it might seem a very long moment, although time is much different outside of the manifest. You will be experiencing some degree of emotion and depending on how wicked and indifferent you might have been, a great deal of shame and self loathing might well be an issue. Then one of the council will say something along these lines. “Your behavior was very unacceptable to you. The way you presently feel about what you have been shown makes this clear. The ineffable- praise his name- is most merciful and so you are to be provided with several options that you may choose from to right the scales in respect of your behavior. Each of these choices vary in the time and experiences necessary to bring you through your debts outstanding. Some are direct and severe but provide the opportunity to burn off what you owe in an expeditious fashion. Some are more and more circuitous and require lesser degrees of suffering over a longer stretch of time/lifetimes. It is up to you how you choose but… choose you must.”
Let us segue to the present time and present location; life as it exists around us and life as we are informed concerning it; via media, historical evidence and our own observations, as they appear to us in the lives around us, the lives we hear about, the fortunes and misfortunes that are visited upon us all and for which no explanation is often available, except when we see where someone has been engaged in certain lifestyles that often lead to certain results both positive and negative; someone becomes a junkie, someone works their tail off and success follows in their wake or greets them in their life are all outworking of the variations of karma. In each of these lives there are likely some number of intangibles; those things seen by the person manifesting or experiencing but may not be obvious to others as they could well take place in private or simply go unseen by the rest of us, though NEVER unseen by the ineffable.
Everything going on around us; what we are aware of and unaware of all have their roots in Karma and all this karma has its roots in that conversation which took place in that waiting place on another plane, between the lifetimes. There are crusaders at work we are making up for being the violators of what they are presently crusading against. There are people working in Third World countries, atoning for conditions they previously created. There are sidewalk hookers who were formerly pimps. There are people having one bad run of seeming bad luck after another and this is all relevant to past actions. The simplest definition of Karma is, ‘the fruits of actions’. There are children that bad things happen to. There are people winning the lottery. There are people living in war zones and people born into tremendous prosperity and here is where the construct of karma can become incredibly complex. Sometimes there are people who have desired a certain experience for lifetimes and have industriously pursued it and desired after it. They paid their dues and the stage was set. Sometimes there are those who were furiously outraged at certain injustices… or most anything- injustices that weren’t injustices at all but went contrary to the perverted ambitions of a particular individual. They are given the opportunity to have the power to affect any theater in life BUT… they have to pay the going rate in blood, sweat and tears; sometimes over a long period. Anything is possible here. Imagine what it is like to find out how very wrong your agenda turns out to be, or the unexpected results that come about which the person never imagined could take place.
Everyone who shows up in every one of these dramas is in place for one reason or another. They may be working their way from a bit actor to the main actor and have to play all the parts to achieve it. They may be paying off a debt. They may be reaping a reward. Then there are those who came into manifestation for some form of service and the appearance of their lives might be one of tremendous struggle and suffering but along the way they have alleviated the suffering of many others. Sometimes they are there only to alleviate their own suffering. One can’t know, unless they have a particular spiritual power. There are those among us who can read the Akashic Records. There are those who can’t even read. All of our lives are a combination of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas; sorry about the popups but I preferred this article for its simplicity and clarity- just close them. These gunas set the environment of our experience; the atmosphere and our own personally in respect of it all. As we have said in the past here, those who meditate know how strongly it influences the course of our day. We especially notice when, for whatever the reason, we are unable to do it and see how different our experiences are and how our day went.
AT ANY POINT, you can take the high road. Remember it is always most difficult when you are trying to change and KNOW that as the stability of uncompromising discipline kicks in, it will become easier. The time will come when it does itself. It is difficult in the beginning for several reasons. One of them is that sincerity MUST be demonstrated. Another is the unfamiliarity of the terrain and the pull of past habits that are like ocean currents. There is also the pull of the collective of humanity all around you. Choosing the high road is a road less taken. Most people have a small window in their lives to make dramatic changes before complacency sets in, before compromise takes its considerable piece of the action. If you take the high road you will find yourself walking it alone (you are never alone… for good and for ill). You will also encounter that sometimes inexplicable hypocrisy of the human kind where though you may be more than willing to forgive them, they are incapable of forgiving you, though they have no hesitation in proclaiming themselves to be other than they are.
I’m watching the World Series and noticing how a certain cellphone company at every opportunity will mention the money they are providing for hurricane victims. You ever wonder where all that money raised for charity and which is really a promotional effort of avaricious corporations to show you how wonderful they are? One of the low moments of the industry was the Clinton/Bush charity for Haiti. I cringe thinking of it. I am stunned by the lack of awareness of so many intelligent people concerning the future consequences of their actions.
I don’t watch network TV except for sports so I don’t see the day to day grind of fatuous self serving commercials but I am seeing black men with white women, black women with white men, Asian women and men with black and white actors, sometimes exclusively and less and less am I seeing the same colors shown with one another. I am talking about romantic scenarios and family scenarios. It is obvious what they are up to. It is also obvious to me who is behind it and why. I will leave it to your imagination what this and all the other aspects of runaway political correctness and social justice aggression which they intend for us all. Thank god there is a god!
I didn’t cover what I was trying to communicate very well. Most of it is suggestive and alluding to but I rely on the intelligence of the reader to find their way through to the central issues. My friends, we have been about this business for some time and I know convincingly that many of you are engaged in similar efforts. Keep in mind that due to the nasty climate of the times and material addictions of the general public it has seldom been so hard to persevere as it is now; as a result… the rewards are commensurate with the degree of difficulty. Do not be dissuaded in your convictions and your efforts, always remembering, no matter where you are or what you are up to… God sees.
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