Of Bleached Anal Rings and the Displaced Heads of Kings.

Reflections in a Petri Dish – December 13, 2010

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 The degree of indulgence and absurdity, engaged in by the self-adulating fops of the day, during their brief respite here, enjoying what they earned at some other time and traded off for something far less than what they could have gotten, is a wonder to behold. One of the key pleasures of having too much money is the ability to spend it on things that most people cannot afford. That may even be the chief pleasure. Perhaps they move from one to the other? For those who have the style-wit and capacity to appreciate having their anal ring bleached, there will always be places to go. It is probably fitting that such places exist because there have to be places where those of a similar mindset can congregate and also locations where they can be gathered together for the opportune, communal, world-shaking moment. There are even entire countries like this. Israel comes to mind.

 I recently heard from someone who has traveled all over the world and he mentioned the places he had been and the most pleasant and the least pleasant. The least pleasant was Israel. He said it was stunning how much the residents hated each other. It turned out to be only slightly less than they hated everyone else. No country is more aware of the ‘everyone else factor’ than Israel. I think of the place as a very large mental institution for the care and expression of a specific pathology and the results of that pathology are becoming more and more apparent. I don’t know how true that is but it sounds like fantastic news, if it is true.  In the process of creating and maintaining a world of exclusivity, for those lining up to the rear of the horned god of the temporal realm, for that special and enduring kiss, there are protocols of necessity that translate into revered institutions of perpetual operation. No word yet on whether the devil has his anal ring bleached or whether that is a fait accompli, given all the heat from the bussing and… well, heat in general, I guess.

 I’ve got nothing against being wealthy. I wouldn’t mind it up to a point. It could be wonderful to be able to finance certain projects and be generally useful, which is how I see the opportunity and  responsibility of it. I’ve got nothing against spas. I go to the public baths, less often than I would like, for the saunas and certain other amenities. I would love to have a sauna. I’ve got nothing against having a good time. Some might say I’ve had more good times than I should have but that’s generally coming from people incapable of having one. I think any sane and rational person knows what my objections to excessive wealth and privilege are. Wealth is a by product of Karma and everyone gets to go to the well on occasion, according to certain features of cause and effect, time, circumstance and the orchestrated fortunes of birth. Talent and industry should be rewarded.

 These days we’ve got quite a crop of self-felating vipers, giving new meaning to the snake with its tail in its mouth and ironically, fulfilling the rule of the eternal but not necessarily as originally intended. Something happens to a person when they desire ever more and more than they need, while caring less and less for those around them. Having purchased privacy and the freedom to be idle, they can’t rest without making sure of an increased difficulty in the pursuit of it by those who don’t have it. Foreclosing on homes and making jobs disappear, while devaluing the currency, are a few of their avocations. Then you get things like this. It should be noted that Chase made a lot of their fortune foreclosing on the mortgages of war widows; a house specialty from Chef David.

 It amuses me no end to see the rich slather themselves in expensive scents, cut from the glands of small animals; unguents and chemical smell repressants abound because they really do stink underneath it all. I’ll tell a little personal truth, which is verifiable and also known to my close associates. I can go without a shower for a month or more and give off no sign of it and I don’t use any of these things. How do I do it? How do I eat enormous amounts of garlic and seldom smell of it and …why? I’ll expound on that in my book, “Spiritual Survival in the Temporal World” when it comes out early next year. Statements like these are magnets for jeering, scoffing and poorly constructed jokes but the ‘proofs in the pudding’.

 Some of us are aware of all sorts of things we don’t talk about a lot, can’t talk about mostly, because it just clangs off the consciousness of the ones being addressed and then clatters down the road like a runaway hubcap. Certain truths just bounce off of the attention of most because recognition requires a change and an adjustment in the way they live and they damn well don’t want that. They want to have what they have until they die, which they don’t expect to happen and they don’t want to accept any of the eternal realities of existence.

 This is why so many women, who are beautiful to begin with, or could be, paint themselves up like circus clowns, as if the march of time might be fooled and the observer deceived. Instead of blooming by the grace of nature and growing ever lovelier with the passing years, as the inner beauty comes forth to shine in radiant splendor and sits like the crown and evidence of true royalty upon their character and features, they opt for something else; something dreadful.

 I don’t envy the rich and the imagined powerful. I don’t envy their false fellowship with each other and the sure lack of friendship and true affection that can be had by the dirt poor but not by them. I’ve seen the enormous hospitality of poorer cultures and the near total lack of it in the affluent ones. I watch people. I feel sorry for them most of the time and I recognize the danger that can rush forth, if one treads on their understanding of what the real costs are that they incur and their rights to abuse themselves and others while pursuing ephemeral mists, which stretch across the vast swamplands of material attraction.

 You can’t tell anyone anything until suffering has brought them to the place of listening. I remember a cartoon I saw awhile back of two bookstores next to each other. The sign over one of them said something like, “Cheap, sensational and poorly written drivel” and the other said, “Timeless works of beauty and imagination.” There was a line stretching out of the first bookstore around the block and no one in front of the other. But you can see this right in front of you every day. The proof of all that’s said here, or has ever been said anywhere, is right in front of your eyes and those who cannot see it are blinded by the smoke from the fires of their desires and attractions. You can’t have the one and see the other, which is how you get, ‘in the world but not of it’.

 The too few who have too much are in need of global conflicts to distract the public from their crimes and make yet more money they don’t need. They are whipping these conflicts up as I write these words and everyone else would be better off it they took every one of these bankers, politicians and everyone like them and gave each of them a knife and a flashlight and sealed them up in a bunch of abandoned apartment buildings. Those who want to make war should have the opportunity to personally engage in it. They should be showcased on pay per view in contests against their fellows. Anyone caught stirring up conflicts and playing blood games with money should be immediately arrested and lined up for a performance. Let the punishment fit the crime. Take everyone responsible for Afghanistan and parachute them into the Hindu Kush. Let the same be done for the architects of every conflict.

 Those who have stolen huge fortunes from their fellows should be quarantined in the slums of major cities. Those who abuse their powers in law enforcement should become prison inmates. What about those who experiment on people in the name of science? There are many crimes I can think of. There are many crimes that are born out of other crimes. Today there is an ever increasing rash of pet disappearances because people are broke and hungry so they are kidnapping these animals and selling them to labs.

 Meanwhile, those responsible for all of these things, visit the links provided earlier in this post. They’re having their anal rings bleached and god knows what else. Sooner or later, too late is on the doorstep. Sooner or later, “I told you so” is a fading echo, with only “No! Please God! No” remaining. Sooner or later those with too much will offer everything they have for escape and forgiveness and someone will take everything they have but there will be no escape and no forgiveness. The message is on the answering machine and the past due reminder is in the mailbox. Meanwhile, life goes on.

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