NYC “Anti-Terror” Presence Preceded Attack by Hours — Oct 31, 2017

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Did the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit have advance warning of the NYC Halloween terrorist attack which killed eight?
The perpetrators of 911 — i.e. Intelligence agencies like the CIA and Mossad- fund ISIS and are behind all terror attacks which are designed partly to create a climate of hatred against Islam and sympathy for Israel. Patrick Stewart, who happened to be at the scene Tuesday afternoon, explores the other motives behind this state-sponsored terror. How long will Westerners tolerate this secret war on them perpetrated by their own Masonic-controlled governments? 

By Patrick Stewart — (  

A question average New Yorkers close to the West Side Highway of Manhattan Tuesday October 31, 2017 are asking: Why were there so many NYPD Counter-Terrorism trucks attended by scores of uniformed NYPD Counter-Terrorism Officers flanking these trucks, hours before the attack itself?
One doesn’t have to be inducted into the secret world of NYPD Counter-Terrorism or the NYC Joint Terrorism Task Force (“JTTF”) to know that the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit is a special, ad hoc, and only “First Responder” force, that is, no one should either see or hear them unless there was “intelligence chatter” indicating an imminent terrorist attack, or after a terrorist attack actually takes place.
So why in hell were they all hanging out in droves today, hours before the attack, in the literal vicinity of where the attack took place?
Nay-sayers turn around and respond that “the NYC Halloween Parade is a possible terror attack location,” or other such nonsense, but since when did the simple NYPD Officers, who are usually called into buffer security during parades or other New York City gatherings, get replaced?
It is also no secret that the leaders of the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit themselves such as James Waters, Scott Shanley, Daniel Magee, and Chris Zimmerman have been outed as drunken, irresponsible, belligerent, alcoholic, pugnacious and violent bullies, when only a few weeks ago six of them were forced to “de-plane” from a jet with 200 other passengers that was set to travel to Kabul Afghanistan for their purpose of “training” their “little brown brothers” in Afghanistan to learn how to crush political dissent in any and all its forms.
Apparently, they verbally and physically bullied and intimidated the entire jet crew, including the pilots, in a totally uncontrollable and dangerous threatening manner, to the point where they were treated like what they actually were, Illuminati Freemasonic “Terrorists” themselves, and a danger to the other passengers and crew itself.
These are our “counter-terrorism” leaders who literally have been vested with the power of life and death over the New York City (and rest of the nation) masses, with the power to completely and totally suspend the United States Constitution and all of its attendant protections and Bill of Rights thereto.



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