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Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 31, 2017

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I’ll tell ya, it’s hard to make your way in this world if you have any kind of a public profile. I have several people who want to talk to me on the cellphone. When I refuse, it becomes like a personal issue to them; “I thought you are supposed to be helping people? Why won’t you talk to me on the cellphone about my problem?” The reason is because I have email and I HATE, absolutely HATE cellphones. One friend wants to talk to me on the cellphone. I don’t ‘think’ he’s angry with me for not being willing to do so but… I don’t know, do I?
Another person wants to debate Karma with me by email. I don’t debate. I state. Take it or leave it. Now she tells me I am a ‘cruel man’ because I won’t accede to her importunate demands. She refuse to believe that Karma is karma. She insists that what she refers to as all those ‘beheaded and crucified children’ and all the other unfortunate things we hear about can’t be karma. I don’t know where she’s getting her information about beheaded and crucified children but I assume it is an agenda driven false news outlet. I tried to explain to her that children grow into adults who commit crimes against children and all sorts of life forms and that would explain their coming back to get a dose of their own contributions. Karma is not a reflective conscious entity. It is a mathematical certainty that is only usurped by the grace of one in a position to do so and the karma still has to go somewhere; meaning it is processed by the good karma possessed by the entity taking it away from you. I am a beneficiary of a form of this.
For some reason, some people feel if they can convince me to change my mind then that magically fixes the issue. It doesn’t. Or maybe they just want an endless dialogue with me about all that is unfair in this life. This life, in the manifest is about only a few things; the pursuit of experience for the purpose of understanding, the pursuit of objects of desire and the outworking of Karma and various minutiae that I don’t feel like going into. In essence, life is about our having shattered out of the whole from the body and being from which all life is made and then existence is the process of being reunited with the author from whom we separated for the purpose of experience and demonstration. It is a complicated game of hide and seek. We are looking for God, whether we acknowledge it or not and God is looking for us. That’s all there is to it; all the variations of existence, all the trials and tests, all the drama; the rising and falling of cultures and societies, of nations and every form of infrastructure in which people experience life is a game of hide and seek and in most cases we do not know what we are looking for or even that we are looking but we are.
‘All life is suffering caused by ignorant desire’. Everything disappoints and so we continue to look with an ever greater awareness of what IT IS NOT, until we have refined our search to the pursuit of the ineffable which is the be all and end all of life’s quest; however we might imagine it to be at whatever station of awareness we are present in and which is dramatically or most subtly altered with every event in our lives.
Everyone is free to believe otherwise, however it is that they tailor their world view to prove and justify the legitimacy of whatever it is they think they want— until they find out ‘that’ is not ‘IT’. Everyone is free to live lifetime after lifetime, chasing after whatever they have told themselves they just have to have or be, until they find out it is not and they are not whatever the hell they think it is and they are. This is what free will is about, to imagine that you are free to do whatever you wish, until you see what a tragedy you have made of it all. Free will is the right to oppose the exercise of the ineffable’s will in the sure and certain direction of what is really best for us and we will come to understand what is and what is not when our pain has simply become too much to bear in the process of scheming and conniving and striving to have all the things we don’t want. Does it sound insane? It is.
The beauty of it all is that once we discover what it is that we are really after, such a love and passion will fill our hearts that regardless of anything that comes to pass on the way it will surely be worth it when everything before that proved not to be. The reality is that everyone will, at some point come to understand the truth of this and until they are in a position to be willing to entertain the certainty and truth of it there is no point in talking to them about it. They won’t listen. They always know better and they are going to do it their way. Have at it.
I don’t doubt that I was just like any and all of it once and I am certainly not free of erroneous thought and behavior in those times when I am not paying attention or lying to myself about what I think I want. Luckily such periods of derangement do not last long and their occurrence is always to reinforce my determination not to repeat them.
If I am not willing to do something that another insists I do, it is not because I am cruel or heartless, or indifferent or selfish. One of the good things about working for free is that I don’t have to do what anyone else wants me to do because there is no contract that exists which forces me to fulfill any obligation. My father tried to force me to do what he wanted. The military tried to do that. Law Enforcement tried to do that and certainly the government has had its hand in there at different points and NONE OF THEM have been successful and never will be. Inasmuch as I am able to hear the words of guidance from the only authority that I recognize, I will strive to adhere. I will fail and I will try again and so on. Sooner or later I am bound to fail my way to success.
I know there are people who are mystified at the peculiarity of my thought processes that involve an invisible being at some indeterminate location. “How”, they wonder, “Can someone who is that intelligent believe in something that has been so badly interpreted by so many warring creeds?” You are approaching it all wrong. I’ve got nothing to do with any of that. I can’t tell you what it is and all I know of it is what has occurred in my experience of it and I suppose that would have to be called ‘subjective’. I take the ruling authority over my life and my actions from the statements given by the great teachers who have come here for brief periods and left the evidence of their passing. I believe what they had to say and I believe what they had to say is far, far more important than what anyone else has to say, except for certain mystics and illuminated poets. I don’t care what the world has to say, I’m only passing through here and closer to being Les Visible today than I was yesterday. So are you. So are you. If you’d bought Bit Coins when I first started writing about what a good idea it is you would have tripled your money as of today and following Japan’s lead its value is soon going to jump into the stratosphere. It is not impossible that every Bit Coin could come to be worth a million dollars. It’s nice to fool with the world on occasion but less enjoyable when the world fools with you.
A few months ago a woman got in contact with me and said she wanted to leave her hundred acre property in upstate New York to me. She said the house had just been appraised at 350,000 and that a lot of the property was landscaped, basically that it was very nice. Certainly there was a time in my life that this would have looked very attractive to me; the wide privacy, the surrounding presence of Nature, the snowbound solitude of winter. I thought about it and then I contacted a friend about it and his sister was very interested. I thought I would work in that direction but she wanted to leave it to me. That wasn’t all. In communicating with her I started to experience a good amount of Old Testament criticism about the most picayune things. I began to wonder why someone with no health problems wanted to leave their property to me and when that would happen. Mostly… I realized that my life really is in the hands of the ineffable. I don’t care about what the world may offer me and from what I hear that may be considerable at some point. I realized that this person wanted me there to be a feature of her existence and after one particular chiding at her hands I told her I didn’t have the time for this sort of thing and I never heard from her again. That’s too bad because if she wanted me to be a part of her life she could have had that, just not in the way she might think she wants it. Anyone could, keeping in mind the limitations of time and space when it comes to access and availability.
The more I lay my existence at the feet of the ineffable, the more everything is there for me and the less I want it. I am trying to communicate one of those mysterious principles in life. Treat the power and hypnotic appeal of the world as lacking in any importance and it will pursue you all over the place. Chase after it and it will mess you up. That is as simple as I can put it. I could go into intricate detail about how the primary elements of the manifest world operate; the ineffable, the world, the devil and the deep blue sea; how they interact and what the pecking order is and what the most important feature of all is… you. It would just be a lot of words. I’ll say it again; feel and express love. This is the true currency of life, not wealth, power or position, not Bit Coin and not celebrity… none of these things! If Love becomes the supreme expression of your life, it will be your life and the destiny of love will be your destiny.
There is a reason that it is said that God is Love. Put aside all the romantic and noble interpretations. It’s a mathematical truth. In unity are all things held in place. The ‘attractive force’ is the most powerful force. If you want something, love it. I say “love it”. I did not say desire it. Where your heart is, your fortunes will be as well. It is not said, in the greatest commandment that you should love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind because God is a demanding and insecure megalomaniac. It is because God represents the highest expression of what you yourself can become, that which, in your essence you already are. If you want something, love it. If you want God, love God. The attractive force is the most powerful force. God will be compelled to come to you. God is the source of every beautiful and enduring thing. God is immortality in the best way. God is the reservoir of the qualities of god, which are the most desirable things in all of existence. God is all powerful and the very best friend you can have. Simply decide that God is your friend and act accordingly.
You are always on the precipice of life changing decision. You can muddle about here for countless years, chasing after that which disappoints you without exception or… you can pursue the one that understands and controls everything and who is the supreme enjoyer and who can transfer that capacity to you. Suddenly, a miracle occurs, you begin to enjoy everything and at no cost because your real love and appreciation is reserved for the greatest of all and… you can believe this or not. It might take a million years but you will come to believe it. It doesn’t have to take that long.
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