Revealed– Corey Feldman’s Abusers are Nobodies — Oct 30, 2017

Corey Feldman’s Abusers Are Small-Timers

Feldman, right, with Corey Haim who died in 2010, at age 38 of drug overdose. Click to enlarge

Feldman, right, with Corey Haim who died in 2010, at age 38 of drug overdose. Click to enlarge

There is an assumption that the Hollywood executives who abused child actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are familiar names like Rob Reiner or Stephen Speilberg. Not to minimize the wrong, but Feldman’s abusers are no longer players and never were.
Merit Freeman has compared Feldman’s autobiography to his movie project casts and calculated who his abusers are.

No need to keep us in suspense any longer Corey!

by Merit Freeman — (

Actor COREY FELDMAN is speaking out against the pedophilia and the rampant sexual abuse that takes place in Hollywood. He has been harassed and threatened for his efforts. He is hounded, on a daily basis, to release the names of his attackers. Little do most people know, he has already done so and the authorities did nothing about it.
In December of 1993, FELDMAN met with Santa Barbara county sheriffs in California and recorded a deposition, naming his attackers. Authorities, however, did nothing about it, as they were too busy trying to build a case against pop music icon MICHAEL JACKSON and FELDMAN’s case did not fit into that agenda.
Celebrity Justice: Corey Feldman Meets With Authorities [VIDEO]
He faces daily criticism for not naming his attackers but is frustrated because he has already done so and gotten nowhere. He appeared on ABC’s “The View” in 2013 to talk about Hollywood pedophilia and was harshly admonished by hostess BARBARA WALTERS for doing so.
Corey Feldman On “The View” [VIDEO]
FELDMAN has started a campaign to raise money to make a film that will expose the pedophilia that takes place in Hollywood. So who are FELDMAN’s [and pal COREY HAIM’s] abusers? In his biography Coreography: A Memoir, he identifies them [using pseudonyms] as “TONY BURNHAM,” “RON CRIMSON,” “RALPH KAUFMAN” and “BILL KAUFMAN,” but their actual names are as follows. (Excerpts are from the book.)


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