To Grant You Salvation from the Flaming Inferno of the Desire for Temporary Things

Visible Origami — Oct 27, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Greetings my friends. How are you all today? I hope you are well. I know some of you are not. I wish that were otherwise. I wish there were something I could do about it. I pray. That is how I handle everything I can’t handle. I know there are people who feel I could do more if I wanted to. That’s not true. Within the limits of what I am capable, I do all I can do. Believe it or not …and the ineffable can and does do everything else. It matters not whether anyone believes in a supreme being, I know we would not be here at all unless a supreme being believed in us.
It seems that at least once a year and sometimes more often than that, I have to write something like this. It used to be I had to write these rare and occasional posts because something had happened and I felt like I had to do some kind of damage control. These days thanks to my invisible friends, I can see it coming and I can see it coming now and I’d like to step in and clarify a few things ahead of time.
I know there are people who come around here and do not believe in God. I’ve looked into the warp and woof of that and I’ve determined that the God they don’t believe in doesn’t exist. A great many people have a problem with religion and this causes them to throw out the baby with the bath water. I don’t judge people who don’t believe. I know for a fact that sooner or later two things are guaranteed to happen to each and every one of you. One of these things is that we will discover that a great deal of what we presently believe to be true is not true and the other thing is that sooner or later we will come before a representative of divine authority; on rare occasion it will happen while one is present in a particular lifetime and if not then, most assuredly it will happen after one has departed and has to answer for whatever they did and did not do here. People can argue without respite about this but it won’t be with me.
The point I am trying to make is that whether you do or do not believe in a supreme being and an invisible hierarchy, I certainly do and subsequently it is going to be the subject of discussion here and that is going to happen more and more often as the divine becomes more and more present in my life.
Someone came by my Facebook page, today or yesterday and said, “I lose your message in the God stuff…….” The God stuff is my message. I am still at a loss as to what this person was trying to say. I responded at best as I know how and that brings me to the other point. Several times recently, in the comments section and in emails I have encountered certain communications where the intention was conflict or where an appeal was being made in search of a predictable response, which I am not capable of providing. I’ve studied my responses to people and I can see where they might take away a certain impression of what I was saying because of the way I said it. I can see if there was any emotion behind my response that it might indicate something other than what I was actually saying. There is no emotion behind any of it, except for Love.
I have a real problem with pussy footing around with people and measuring every single word I employ in order to skirt every possibility of conflict. I find if I am not direct and clear then I am being dishonest and that makes me really uncomfortable. It’s been said from the beginning here; ‘take what is useful to you and ignore the rest.’ Very likely subjects discussed and points in the process of being made have nothing to do with you. That is very likely also true because you have nothing to do with them. They do not relate to your interests. Don’t worry about them.
There is a school of thought that says you most certainly should worry about or be concerned about them but that is not my department. I will say this; you are here for only a little while. It might seem a long time but in comparison to the rest of the procession of existence it isn’t even a blip on the radar. Only if you come to the attention of the one who developed and operates the radar does your blip possess any meaning. Here today and gone tomorrow certainly applies in a dramatic sense. Very few here can tell you where they came from and where they are bound so… to my mind this is all important. It is far more important than anything you might have or desire here because wherever you may be headed, that is not coming with you. Only those changes that took place in your being, as the result of experience …and your responses to experience will continue on with you and another kind of radar comes into play with that.
We are the result of who and what we admire because this is what shapes us. There is a grand template that exists and it is what we are measured against. This determines the real success and failure in every life. I am the product of those I have admired and whose lives and words have influenced the course of my actions. I have not always lived according to what I claim to believe in but I have suffered the costs of that and continued to seek to overcome the inconsistencies of my nature. Though I have fallen ten thousand times ten thousand, I have gotten up again and stepped back on the path. The only real failure is a failure to try. If you do not give up you will succeed. This applies in the negative as well as the positive and a lesson is inherent in all permutations.
My heroes are men like Jesus Christ and the Amitabha Buddha. My heroes are without exception, the seekers after and lovers of, the ineffable. You heroes can well be different than mine. I come here to remind people of the temporary nature of their presence here and the possibilities of what lies beyond as well as how one might arrive at that further place before they have even left. If this is not a concern of yours, I suggest you go somewhere else and find whatever it is that is important to you. I ache with a desire greater than I can express that each of you will reach that shining city on the farther shore. Nothing would please me more and I am going to talk about matters and such related to this for the duration of my continuance here.
I do not want to offend any of you but I am certain that I will at times because your values and desires are not the same as my own. We will sort that out in the cauldron of experience or we will not. At no time have I set myself up as a teacher or some oracle of truth. At no time have I sought to present myself as someone without fault or the capacity for error. Take what is useful to you here and leave the rest.
Surely there are people who think I am engaged in censoring the behavior of others. I have my opinion on the result of certain lifestyles but that is separate and apart from how I view humanity in its various expressions of life. People are free to live as they choose because they will assuredly find out the value and cost of their behavior. I am not the judge of that but… I am not going to remain silent about the weaponizing of sexuality, or the effects of runaway political correctness and the terrible harm caused by social justice terrorists and those who educate and finance them for the purpose of resident chaos and disorder. Feel free to disagree with me. I will continue as I do regardless. I will make errors in judgment and I will learn from them. I will see the error of my ways at different moments and I will make the necessary adjustments. I extend this latitude to you and I expect you to extend it to me; that we will show compassion and mercy and forgiveness when we are in a position to do so. There are people who presently hate me for events in years past that did not even take place in the way that those who weren’t even there remember them (grin).
I am not that person anymore and in times to come I will not be the person I am today. I extend to you the understanding that I would hope you would extend to me. I am not paid for what I do here most every day and sometimes all day long. I do it for the joy of service; should that be the real result. Certainly, on occasion there are those who contribute to my ability to continue in this work but I would not be able to survive on that if I had to. What that does is make it possible for me to purchase the tools of my industry so I can keep on doing what I do. I live by the grace of the ineffable who by mysterious method sustains me at all times; who feeds and comforts me with water in the desert and sweet honey from rocks. It’s been going on for long enough now that I am certain it will be here tomorrow and the day after.
I know some of you have expectations of me; who wish I were less spiritual and more political or… something. This is what I am. I assure you that the invisible author of all good things is real, more real than you or I or anything we may encounter. This miraculous and wonderful being seeks to befriend you at every turn and aches with the desire to help you and grant you salvation from the flaming inferno of temporary things. He often sends his progeny or comes himself, in the various garbs of the times and places in which he does appear. Avail yourself of this unspeakably great good fortune while you can.
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I I am a creator, by the grace of inspiration, in various media, by the grace of God, the love of whom, is the centerpiece of my life.