‘Playboy’ features model Ines Rau as first transgender Playmate

Introduction — Oct 22, 2017

Ines Rau, Playboy's transgender Playmate. Click to enlarge

Ines Rau, Playboy’s transgender Playmate. Click to enlarge

This marks another step in the elite’s plan to mainstream sexual perversion. First the social engineers worked, through the media and ‘education’, to make homosexuality seem perfectly harmless.
In that endeavour they’ve largely succeeded, as illustrated by the wider acceptance of the “GAY” lifestyle. For after years of the media’s subliminal messaging an instinctive reaction to homosexuality is now widely regarded as being “homophobic”.
So having succeeded with homosexuality the elite’s social engineers now appear to be working to blur gender identity even further.
By featuring a transsexual model as Playboy’s November Playmate of the month they are introducing heterosexual men to the idea of seeing transsexuals as objects of desire.
What next, one wonders? Will they parade some personification of sadomasochism or bestiality or paedophilia? It’s anyone’s guess but that is the direction the elite are pushing toward. Ed.

‘Playboy’ features model Ines Rau as first transgender Playmate

USA Today — Oct 20, 2017

Playboy will feature a transgender Playmate in its November issue, the magazine announced Wednesday. 

French model Ines Rau, 26, will be the centrefold in the first issue to publish since Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner died in September

While many women pose nude in the magazine, there is only one Playmate each month, who is featured as the centerfold. Rau is no stranger to the magazine, and previously posed fully nude in a May 2014 issue. 

In a statement, Rau said the 2014 spread was how she celebrated coming out as transgender…  

Rau, who hopes to fight for a slew of issues ranging from LGBTQ rights to battling global warming, said she had a feeling someday she would be able to achieve a better life.

Cooper Hefner, Playboy’s chief creative officer, told the New York Times that choosing Rau as the Playmate “speaks to the brand’s philosophy.” 

“It’s the right thing to do,” Hefner told the Times. “We’re at a moment where gender roles are evolving…”

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Playboy Features First Transgender Playmate

The Vigilant One — Oct 21, 2017