Americans overwhelmingly support staying in Iran nuclear deal

Michael Wilner — Jerusalem Post Oct 20, 2017

Americans of all political stripes want their government to remain within the Iran nuclear deal, a new poll has found.

The survey, commissioned by CNN and conducted by SSRS over October 12-15, found that 67% would oppose the Trump administration withdrawing from the nuclear pact, brokered by six world powers and Iran in 2015.

Among those opposed, 80% of Democrats hope that President Donald Trump will remain in the deal. But 67% of self-identified independents join them, as well as nearly half (48%) of Republicans polled.

The nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, tracked as broadly unpopular when it was first revealed two years ago. Polls conducted at that time revealed roughly one-third of the American public supported the agreement, and one recent poll, conducted by Fox News, suggests that national sentiment has not dramatically shifted.

But it seems many of those who oppose the agreement believe that pulling out of the deal now would only make matters worse. The CNN poll does not provide an update on US views on the merits of the accord itself.

The poll, released Friday, also shows that 30% of Americans consider Iran a “very serious threat,” compared with Russia (31%) and North Korea (62%).

Last week, Trump “decertified” the nuclear deal under US law, claiming that Iran’s actions were not proportionate to US sanctions relief. He asked Congress to pass new legislation that would give him diplomatic leverage to toughen the accord and threatened to “terminate” the deal entirely if it failed to do so.



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