Blimey! Politicians and Media Abhor Violence

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For December 12, 2010

We have had a few days of wall-to-wall condemnation of the violence that took place during Thursday’s protest against increased student fees.

David Cameron, Theresa May, Ed Miliband and others too-many-to-mention stepped forward to express their outrage.

Likewise with media commentators. Howard Jacobson, rightly or wrongly said, “The moment people start throwing billiard balls at the police, their argument is invalidated.”

Will Heaven, in the Telegraph, said that, “…yesterday, a new and sinister British political movement was born.” He was referring to the birth of UKuncut, a witless hard-left “Tax the Rich” outfit who have nothing whatsoever to say about the society-enslaving fraud at the core of banking itself. As many know by now right/left are two sides of the same finance oligarch-controlled coin.

‘UKuncut’ looks like another intelligence services ‘controlled opposition’ project to me.

And……..excuse me for stating the obvious but….

Most of the unctuous politicians and commentators who condemned this week’s low-level violence did not have much problem with our own participation in actions in Iraq that murdered thousands of innocent women and children in their own beds…..

……nor did we hear much in the way of protest when Israel bombed defenseless Gazans the winter before last, save for our noble prime minister, Mr. Brown.

…….nor do we hear many outraged squawks of dissent against the aerial bombing of Pakistan by drones…..illegal attacks against a sovereign nation that have, as in Iraq, resulted in the loss of a large number of innocent lives.

The truth seems to be that just about the only thing our leadership believe in is violence, or ‘the use of force’ at the very least.

Nuclear weapons, invading armies, armed police forces, obsessive surveillance……the overwhelming message is…..


There is no genuine pacifism out there amongst establishment power at all.

Not even the Christian Churches are pacifist.


“Love your enemies.” and “Turn the other cheek” sound like pacifism to me.


Firstly, to get our governments to create our money debt-free themselves instead of exchanging bonds for out-of-thin-air, interest-bearing (and enslaving), banker-created money.

Then the people we elect would genuinely become our government and we could eject them if they failed us. Instead we are forced to choose between near-identical Tweedledum/Tweedledee, Coke/Pepsi, McDonald/Burger King entities, all pawns of rampant finance.

We need an end to banking power and the money-as-debt system.

We need an end to the toleration of the secret exercising of that power via Secret Societies and the ‘Intelligence’ Services.

More than that, we need a vision of an ideal society towards which we can convince people that we should be moving.

An end that will facilitate justice, peace and right relationship between all peoples.

A part of such a vision must embrace a spiritual (as well as a material) vision.

Collective harmony cannot be achieved without an intended transformation of individual consciousness.

‘Christ Consciousness’, or whatever one might choose to call the elevated state caused by full awareness and connection with the affirming presence of the Creator is our obvious goal.

(Remember that ‘Luciferianism’ is the willed end of our current trajectory. The enemies of mankind recognise the importance of the spiritual if many of their victims do not.)

We need a kind of an anti-‘Protocols of Zion’, a medium-term (but overt) plan outlining a method for reaching an ideal end……an end that recognises full human dignity and a perfected all-embracing and all-including spiritual destiny.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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