The Madness Accelerates as the Time of The Great summing Up Arrives

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 18, 2017

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Last night I was finishing my transition from the casita to a spare bedroom inside. It seems that some people prefer that I am more accessible so… whoomp they it is! Anyway… as I was hanging wires and arranging the equipment I employ, I turned on the TV and there was The Tonight Show with Jimmy Felon. He had a guest musical(?) act which involved someone called G-Easy and one Cardi B, whom I have heard about because she became instantly famous and shows up on every bus that drives by in my head (grin). Here is what they provided. How do I cover all the ground of dysfunction that extends from coast to coast? The sexual perversity epidemic is a pandemic greater than The Black Plague.
Then there is the matter of cellphones. Holy flaming crocodile shit! Of course it is worse than what is being reported and the degree of fanatical crack pipe addiction is there to be seen at all times in any public arena. The amount of people I pass on the highway, who are on their cellphones or texting while driving is startling. I find myself pointing it out the way children will play the license plate game on a car trip. This is in new cars where Bluetooth is readily available. You can’t text with Bluetooth (yet) but even so… there they are with phone to ear. Should they become aware of my scrutiny; people doing this are not usually spatially aware… should they see me wagging my finger, they glare at me and give me the finger. Ten percent of us are connected to something deeper and are separated from one another by variations in experience and the determination of the ineffable according to our conferred status. A much larger number are here for the show. The show proceeds as the ones who imagine they are in charge, continue with their plans which have been altered without their knowledge, for the purpose of demonstration. Some events may have been natural, or unnatural; that are yet to be revealed. The author of this theory has a history of sensationalizing events. My perception of him may be in error. It is important that I say this. I will also say that I have never seen him present something as well researched and thought out as this one is. I’m actually surprised (grin).
The social justice protocol, authored by the Elders of Zion Protocol, is a well organized Communist insurgency. We have to separate this from fascism, which is at the other end of the spectrum but… as is the case with the extreme elements of either, they become impossible to differentiate from one another at that point. Of course, on the heels of the manufactured Harvey Weinstein event, we begin to see the ancillary productions that are easily as important as the stalking horse/ strawman creations. Fake News, like June, is bursting out all over; here we have insight from one of our best warrior journalists in this time, about the matter of M. Khordorkosky and his opinion piece. Another ‘opinion piece’ demonstrates the war that is taking place on the ideological battleground of these times. You will note the mention of The Southern Poverty Law Center, which Gay Robot Samurai, Tim Cook just gave a million dollars to. Let’s not forget Hollywood illuminati George Clooney and consort also gave them one million dollars. The Southern Poverty Law Center IS A HATE GROUP!
This is all coming out of the staged circus that was Charlottesville, where Antifa thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators who arrived to protest social justice warrior Communists efforts to replace history with their own revised edition. This is a direct mirroring of what Israel is doing and has been doing in Palestine; changing the names of towns and streets and all else to give the impression that the land they are stealing was theirs to begin with. You have seen the ‘incredible shrinking map of Palestine’ so I don’t need to link it and if you haven’t, just put that phrase in any search engine. The Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to list Antifa as a hate group. The Tribe spokesman who can best be compared to the Mouth of Sauron and who speaks for the Tribe organization, which the SPLC is, makes some interesting comments about what sorts of hate they do and do not deal with. The picture

says it all though, as do the black hammer and sickle flags that represent the Tribe’s official political animal, which is Communism. See a pattern in any of this?
People are losing it over items and situations that make no sense whatsoever. I have no idea who “Rick and Morty” are. I do know what Szechuan sauce is and I could easily make it and I am quite certain I can make it better than what these people are going ape over. The article below the video impressively shows how bat shit crazy a lot of people are. It’s no surprise that McDonald’s is involved.
Once again, I have no idea if something like this is true and in no way am I implying that it is not. I hear so many things. Are they all true? Are they true in part? Are they completely false? First we have to consider the essence of reality. The essence of reality is a white screen that is filled with light. This light flows into a prism and the manifest world appears. Nothing in the manifest world is essentially real because it is changing all the time and it is temporary. Even mountains are falling down. You cannot see it. Your time sense is not that evolved. Whatever may be true here can be true only in a relative sense. Sometimes something can only be true in relation to something else but not itself, apart from the polarity that gives it meaning. I’m not going to wade into the details of minutia that are so precious to the philosophers, who create entire worlds of being and not being and which can only be understood by a handful of their fellows. What value can anything like that have except in an environment where it exists only for the purpose of argument? Angels dancing on the head of a pin… cats going in and out of focus… ships in the night… shadows in broad daylight. It all comes down to how you feel. How do feel? How do you feel about all that you imagine you are and what you do and what you remember; those portions you remember and which you remember according to how you have interpreted them?
Life is defined by how you feel about it. Only one mind understands the meaning of life and… ironically there is only one mind. We are the ones who separate that mind into individual minds. I have experienced one mind and it is immediately attended by telepathy and various other abilities that come out of one mind consciousness. Our separated minds are the source of our suffering; put a little more definitively… it is our minds which identify anything according to the meaning we have given it and which causes it to be desirable or undesirable to us …and this varies from one separated mind to the next. Given that… is anything real? Is something made real because we agree on it? Will what we agreed upon be the same next year at this time? Will next year at this time be this time? The only moment that will ever exist is the moment you are in and a profound secret is concealed in this, as well as a most wonderful joy. Anyone who has managed to encounter that experience, where the past and future are dissolved into one immutable state, are aware of the magical quality it is imbued with. Whether one has come there through a disciplined effort, via the influence of a comestible, or had it conferred through the grace of one in possession of the power to confer it… it is remarkable. There are some who reside there in perpetuity. I have not accomplished that. It’s closer than it was and… the funny aspect is that it is always there at all times. Most of us are only aware of it sometimes, if at all.
This world is a marvel of complexity. There is so much to be seen and heard and experienced here and this world is less than a dust mote in comparison to the whole world, in comparison with what seems to lie beyond it. One can live long and exhaust themselves in the occurrence of episode upon episode. One can live an enormous number of lives and still fall short of the whole of what is possible. I always ask myself what I will be left with in the aftermath of anything I might do. I ask myself questions I never used to ask; does this matter at all? Is this what I want? How am I going to feel, (given that I have felt a certain way in the past, most of the times before) the next day? Is it important? Will I be the better for having done or not done it?
It has occurred to me, finally, that nothing has any value unless it results in the service of, the pursuit of or the contemplation of the ineffable… or the sharing of thoughts and feelings having to do with the ineffable. Nothing else proves satisfying to me. Nothing else is anything more than a repeating pattern and certain patterns need repeating; eating (at least for the moment), sleeping (at least for the moment), breathing and anything that manifest life depends on for its continuance. At least I can do them with the divine uppermost in mind. On those rare occasions when I eat out, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone performing grace. I don’t see it when passing by the places where people eat. A number of acts that I associate with celebrating the eternal existence of the ineffable in the theater of the temporary, I don’t see them in practice. I need desperately to celebrate the ineffable in my uncertain and temporary residence here. I need with all the intensity I can bring forth to make my life a statement on my assurance of and in the everlasting presence of the indefinable author of all things.
I realize there are those who attend their places of worship, who do give thanks when they eat, who do give an effort to do the right thing. The challenges that oppose them have never been so great. The whole of the armies of darkness are employed at this time. This is a ‘great apocalypse’. This is one of the great ‘summings up’. This is why there are so many of us here at this time. That feature alone should be enough to tell us something… something, something; if we would only bother to reflect on what that might be. Hold fast. Be constant. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind and open wide the doors of your heart. Let you love proceed always before you and trust in the power, mercy and unceasing meditations of the lord of all things upon the matters at hand.
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