Children’s Books to Promote New World Order

Introduction — Oct 16, 2017

Thomas the Tank Engine 2Once upon a time children’s books were written to entertain and maybe even educate youngsters. Now they are being used to subtly promote the New World Order agenda.
The objective appears to be to introduce/indoctrinate children to the elite’s plans while they’re still naive and easily impressed. So now the characters in Thomas the Tank will be more “gender-balanced” and “ethnically diverse”.
That means fewer white male characters in the children’s tales and more females from different races.
Mattel, the U.S. toy giant that owns the rights to Thomas the Tank Engine, collaborated with the United Nations in the makeover to help meet the organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
The changes come after Labour MP Mary Creagh complained that Thomas was perpetuating ‘negative sterotypes’ — arguing it needed more female engines. So it’s no exaggeration to call the changes to the children’s stories politically motivated. Ed.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas, the Tank Engine to become gender-balanced with more female trains, an African character and episodes abroad – in support of United Nations development goals

Stewart Paterson — Mail Online Oct 15, 2017

An overhaul of Thomas the Tank Engine will see two male engines turfed out to make way for female characters. 

Henry and Edward will be moving out of Tidmouth Sheds to make way for Nia, an orange engine from Africa, and Rebecca, a yellow-coloured engine. 

They will join Emily, the other female engine, as well as the boys Thomas, Percy James and Gordon. 

And the tradition of Liverpudlian narration – which first began with Ringo Starr – will disappear, as well as the theme tune with its roll-call of engine names.

But the most dramatic change will be Thomas leaving his home on the Island of Sodar as he embarks on adventures across the globe. 

Mattel, the US toy giant that owns rights to the much-loved show, collaborated with the United Nations to help meet the organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

The storylines have been written to meet five of the goals: quality education, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and life on land. 

Mattel said the changes are a ‘groundbreaking refresh’ and is based on extensive market research with hundreds of parents and their children. 

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