Sex Assaults Pretext for Soviet-Style Purge? — Oct 14, 2017

weinstein and his actressess

Weinstein and his actress accussers. Click to enlarge

Overnight, Harvey Weinstein went from player to pariah. This behavior is typical of the Illuminati and has been going on for years.
He deserves to be demonized but Lanny Goodman asks if there is a hidden agenda behind throwing him to the wolves.
Disclaimer: I think Goodman’s thesis is overwrought and farfetched but he claims to have high Masonic sources. Make up your own mind.

by Lanny Goodman — (

Just as Communists in the former Soviet Union jailed and murdered almost 100,000,000 Russians under the brutal dictatorship of Jozef Stalin by his secret police chiefs Felix Dzerzhinsky and Lavrenty Beria, a similar purge is about to happen in Freemasonic America.
Because of Joe Biden/Bill Clinton’s ill-advised VAWA law of 1994, nearly 1/3 of American men have had a complaint against them by a woman. Most of these police inquiries resulted in no arrest or prosecution, 70 million Americans have a criminal record.
The Harvey Weinstein prosecution establishes the fact that local police may now “re-open” already closed past complaints, or “re-visit” formerly closed cases in order to “re-investigate” and “use-prosecute” (and subsequently “re-jail”).
The Illuminati Freemasons are using both the mainstream and the alternative media (united against the understandably vile and criminal Harvey Weinstein) to publicize the fact that there are no statutes of limitations for any man in the USA on these “sexual assaults and crimes,” even when these idiotic baseless events occurred decades ago.


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