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Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon Oct 14, 2017

“If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry,
he will be a psychopath worth voting for.”

Trump in straitjacketAccording to recent research done by Oxford University psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton, Trump scores two points above Hitler on the Psychopathic Index and an astonishing 20 points above the bloodthirsty Emperor Nero. 
The Trump Question is basically this: Who rules America? A “moron” doubling as a “psychopath” known as Donald Trump—he has been called both—with his finger on the nuclear button? Or a military junta doing its best to restrain this moronic psychopath? (See here, Donald Trump and his Military Minders). Or are both Trump and his ostensible “minders” working in secret collusion, while pretending to be at loggerheads? Are they taking orders from others? Are they puppets of the Deep State? And who exactly are the Puppet Masters?
The article about Trump and his military minders begins with these alarming words, a direct quote from an original article in the Independent published a week ago:
“Some of his most senior men have decided that it is their patriotic duty to protect the country from the President’s worst mistakes. They have renewed their pact to ensure that not all of them will ever be abroad at the same time. They will ensure that at least one will remain in the country to monitor orders coming from the White House.”
Approval ratings for Trump have recently hit an all-time low. According to a survey by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, approval ratings for Trump have “plumbed new depths”, slipping a full 10 points since March. More than two-thirds of the nation (67%) strongly disapprove of their President and only 23 per cent think he is honest. More than 60 per cent disapprove of how he is handling race relations, foreign policy and immigration. His stock is falling even among Republicans. In March, his own party gave him an 80 per cent rating. This has now slipped to 67 per cent.
A senior Republican figure, Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, has accused the President of treating his office like a reality show. This comes only a few days after US secretary of state Rex Tillerson refused to deny that he had called Trump a “moron”. Corker added that his concerns were shared by virtually every Republican in the Senate, insisting that Trump had set the US “on the path to World War III” and had turned the White House into “an adult day care center.
Trump seems to have an extraordinary knack of doing all the wrong things to damage his own image. On a recent visit to Puerto Rico to show sympathy toward hurricane victims, he began to throw paper towels into the crowd at a relief center, much to the eye-popping astonishment of the natives. (The Independent, ‘i’, p. 11, 9 October 2017).
The powerful quartet standing up to Trump, playing the role of “good cops” in contrast to Trump’s “bad cop”, are Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, General James Mattis, General John Kelly, and Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, all pictured below:

Trump admin

These four give the impression they are doing their best to hold the fort for America and keep it on the right track, while Trump meanwhile behaves irresponsibly and shoots his mouth off in embarrassing tweets from which they need to distance themselves at once. They then contradict him in public, much to his annoyance. Officials are even forced to apologize for his speeches.
Trump is widely seen as a loose cannon, if not a psychopath.
No other American president has been characterized as a dangerous madman by so many of his contemporaries, including top psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. How he got into the White House is therefore a mystery. He has been widely condemned as a “lunatic”, a “delusional narcissist”, a “sociopath”, “utterly amoral”, “unbalanced”, and told  he “needs therapy”. (Here he is, pictured in a straitjacket). Psychiatrist Lance Dodes,  a former Harvard Medical School professor, says Trump’s “sociopathic characteristics are undeniable”, adding that his speech and behavior patterns show signs of “significant mental derangement”. Another medically trained specialist, clinical psychologist John Gartner, a veteran alumnus of the John Hopkins University Medical School, describes Trump as a “malignant narcissist who evinces the most destructive collection of psychiatric symptoms possible for a leader.” (See here)
The Trump admirer will grind his teeth with rage at this point and claim, without any solid evidence to back him up, that all these professionals—unlike himself—are intellectually myopic in some way. They have been allegedly “brainwashed” by the media. However, it is easier to dismiss the Trump admirer as a well-meaning wishful thinker than to ignore Trump’s many medically trained and highly respected critics.
“A new study of psychopathic traits by an Oxford University psychologist,” one reads with astonishment, “discovers that Donald Trump ranks above Adolf Hitler and only just below Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Henry VIII. Hillary Clinton ranks between Napoleon and Nero.”
To rank above Hitler, the article states matter-of-factly, is no mean achievement. The psychologist conducting this research is no lightweight either. He is Oxford University’s Dr Kevin Dutton who has been exploring the psychopathic traits of the US presidential hopefuls and historical figures using a standard psychometric tool – the Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R).
Dr Dutton has spent much of his career looking at psychopaths and researching psychopathic traits, identifying those which can be of benefit and those which can lead to incarceration. He contends that being a psychopath is not an all-or-nothing affair. Instead, psychopathy is on a spectrum along which each of us has our place. There are several professions which seem to attract more than their fair share of those high on the psychopathic scale, among them business, surgery, the law, military and… politics.
Dr Dutton explained: “The PPI-R does not say that someone is or is not a psychopath. It scores them on eight traits that contribute to a psychopathic character. Some of those traits, such as fearlessness or stress immunity, can be positive. Others, such as blame externalisation or being unconcerned about the future, are more likely to be negative. One, cold-heartedness, can contribute to good and bad leadership.”
The results clearly show Donald Trump to be higher scoring than rivals, achieving a total score on a par with Hitler and Idi Amin. Of particular interest, Trump outscored the other candidates in ‘fearless dominance’, the area associated with successful presidencies, and in ‘self-centred impulsivity’, the set of traits considered negative. (See here)
To summarize: Donald Trump is officially recognized as a “psychopath” because he possesses many of the qualities, both negative and positive, associated with ruthless alpha males who get to the top of their respective professions. (See Traits of Psychopaths, with special reference to Donald Trump).
However, these so-called “psychopathic traits” can apparently be shared by surgeons as well as serial killers, by charismatic religious leaders as well as genocidal warmongers. Trump admirers who also happen to be Christians will be astonished to learn that Jesus Christ (on 157 points) and St Paul (also on 157 points)  score higher on the Psychopathic Scale Index than Napoleon Bonaparte (153 points) or the Emperor Nero (151 points). The all-time record holder is Henry VIII—with a staggering 178 points.
I never liked Henry VIII all that much, but who would have thought he was worse than Genghiz Khan or Ivan the Terrible?
Donald Trump? He doesn’t do too badly in the Psychopath Olympics. At 171 points, he is only 7 points behind the deplorable Henry VIII who, as everyone knows, liked chopping off the heads of his wives when he grew tired of them. Trump is amazingly two points ahead of Hitler (169 points) and a mindboggling 20 points ahead of the Emperor Nero who scores a mere 151 points. Given that Nero was a torture-loving serial killer who kicked his wife Poppaea to death and jumped up and down on her lifeless body, one finds it all the more shocking to learn that the Roman tyrant is rated so much lower than the American president as a dangerous psychopath.
See Dr Dutton’s chart below, allotting  points for “psychopathic traits” to various historical figures. Trump is not listed here for some reason, but we know he scores 171 points from an article in the Guardian.

psychopathic scoreSOURCE

It’s possible that the conflict between Trump and his top aides is bogus, purely for public consumption and to keep official enemies guessing and on tenterhooks. The unpredictability and volatility of Trump could be a put-on act, forcing Russia, China, North Korea and Iran to walk on eggshells, never quite sure what to expect from Uncle Sam—an olive branch or a first-strike nuclear attack. Meanwhile Trump and his top military aides, ostensibly at loggerheads, could all be secretly pulling in the same direction—toward a Zionist New World Order.
The “conspiracy theory” that our leaders are all lackeys of international Jewry is either true or false. It’s too early to accuse Trump of being a semi-moronic stage actor, covertly advancing world Jewry’s agenda while simulating a concern for America’s “huddled masses yearning to break free”.
The proof will lie in the pudding. We must wait and see what America is like at the end of the Trump presidency, and, above all, if the state of Israel is a stronger place as a result of his Jewish son-in-law’s efforts to grab hold of more stolen land for the Israeli occupiers. The litmus test will be the Palestinians. If their lives are far worse after Trump has come and gone, it will be patently clear to all except the wilfully blind that Trump is no more than a Zionist stooge—something he is already suspected of being by many intelligent observers.
Another litmus test will be Iran. If Trump attacks Iran, we will then know for sure that he is clinically insane. A psychopath working for the Zionist new world order.
I will let Philip Giraldi have the last word:
“The claims that America’s Middle Eastern wars have been fought for Israel are not an anti-Semitic delusion.
The crowd stoking fears of Iran is largely Jewish and is, without exception, responsive to the frequently expressed desires of the self-defined Jewish state to have the United States initiate hostilities. This often means supporting the false claim that Tehran poses a serious threat against the U.S. as a pretext for armed conflict.
The friends of Israel rule by coercion, intimidation and through fear. If we suffer through a catastrophic war with Iran fought to placate Benjamin Netanyahu many people might begin to ask “Why?”
We Americans will stand by mutely as we begin to wonder what has happened to our country. And some who are more perceptive will even begin to ask why a tiny client state has been allowed to manipulate and bring ruin on the world’s only super power. Unfortunately, at that point, it will be too late to do anything about it.
If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry, he will be a psychopath worth voting for.