“Culture War” is Occult Subversion

henrymakow.com – May 14, 2019


(If we needed any more proof that society has gone over to the dark side, this 2017 government poster in a Toronto subway promoting gay sexual debauchery is it. In a society controlled by a satanic cult, sick becomes healthy.) 
The European Christian founding peoples of the West are under relentless psychological, and physical attack by the Illuminati, a Masonic Jewish satanic cult that covertly assumed control of all important social institutions thanks to their control of banking.
“We are being dehumanized and inducted into their pyramid scheme at the lowest level.”

by Henry Makow PhD. — Updated from Oct. 17, 2017

Miley Cyrus satanic cultThe culture war is not a “civil war;” it is an invasion, carried out by subversion, not armies.
Let me put this baldly. Cabalist Judaism is Satanism. Satanism seeks to replace God, invert all values and enslave humanity. First, they enslaved Jews, then Freemasons, who are Cabalists, and through Freemasonry most social institutions. Our “leaders” –political, cultural etc. — are colonial administrators for Satan-loving bankers.
Humanity is to worship and obey the bankers, directly or indirectly. The triumph of globalism and Communism will lead to one nation, one “religion,” one race, and one gender.
This invasion is satanic possession. We are being dehumanized and inducted into their cult at the lowest level.
They do not want us to achieve our divine potential: to be Angels. On the contrary, they want to make us evil and sick: Demons. The NWO is dedicated to serving Satan by inverting good and evil, truth and lie, beauty and ugliness.
A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by making them sick, and managing their symptoms for profit. This is basically the model of Western society which you may have noticed is obsessed with sickness, sexual abuse, war and woes of every variety.



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