Antifa Snake Dances into Sodom while Kalifornia Burns

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 12, 2017

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One of the things we like to do around here is… ‘consider the source’. An article appears in the No-Class, False News Media and you think, “Well… that’s just another sidewalk hooker plying her wares and trying to stay ahead of the rent and the upkeep on that suburban condo. I saw where William Colby said, “the CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” You can assume this is probably true; what he said and that he said it if it ever appears in a search engine that some fake news outlet tries to debunk it. The comments section is very revealing, given that one could probably also assume that Mick West is ‘an asset’ plying his wares on some sidewalk. The reason I bring any of this up is this article. The author is one Evan McMullin; two guesses on what he used to do. They’re glad to mention who he is at the end of his snake tongued load of weasel shit. His argument on ‘populism’ is a classic example of cynical misrepresentation. McMullin went to Wharton and he was an investment banker. He spent a year living in Israel and working as a ‘resettlement officer’ dealing with refugees before he went completely over to the dark side. See a pattern?
As you know, we are very interested in trends. Watching trends can be lifesaving. Observing trends is one of the reasons you won’t find me out New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July on amateur night. That last article is part of a present trend. So is this one. Some trends are unrelenting because they are one of the major efforts geared toward the destruction of Christian influence on American life. This is, of course, a creation of Marxist Zionism. Every social justice construct is orchestrated and financed by Zionist Marxism. Antifa is one of their guerrilla insurgency cadres for the intimidation of endangered Normal. To show how effective the efforts at brainwashing the American public is and how intellectually diminished they have become, this article says it all. That article likes to follow the usual inflated statistics. The statistics are actually less that 3.8 percent identifying a certain way. However, as Twain said, “there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.” Two out of a hundred people are hijacking the culture behind the money and media control of 1.8%. That goes up to 2.2% when you add in the ones who don’t believe in God, unless you believe their own statistics. If you add in that ten percent of them are gay you wind up with another amazing trend. It really makes a difference if you look deeper when you look at all. It makes even more of a difference if you look at a dozen sets of statistics instead of grabbing the one nearest you that meets your criteria. The deeper you look, the more you find and… if you have looked long and deeply for a long while, you’ve probably learned a thing or two.
Some of us look a little more deeply into events than what we are told on the surface. Take the case of Harvey Weinstein. What’s interesting about this reveal is what it has to say about Steve Bannon. We’ve been going by Breitbart and trying to figure out why they say nothing about the very definite somethings that are past obvious concerning the false flag in Las Vegas, which you may be sure was run by Sheldon Adelson first. When one looks into the behavior of pundits. When one observes what they say and more especially what they don’t say, one gets a trend-sense about them. Then one can analyze whether this is simply the general bent of the individual or whether they are a paid agent whose prominence and profit are the result of a specific allegiance.
It’s all wheels within wheels within wheels. It hasn’t changed since the time of the Borgias. That had only been a continuance of ancient Rome and before that, subterfuge and subtlety were just as present. The interesting feature about the Byzantine complexities of any time period is the Shakespearean inevitability of outcome. Some call it destiny and some call it fate and some call it divine architecture. I would fall into that last demographic. The hand of the ineffable is always somewhere in the mix. There are any number of arguments one can bring to the table. One can say it is just math that eventually catches up with you for good or for ill. One could say all that math is simply a technical way of looking at Karma. One could say it’s all random but that doesn’t hold up in the face of so much similarity of outcome. One could say anything one wishes to say and usually will have an opinion that suits whatever excuses they come up with for the way their life turned out.
I am much amused at the writings of contemporary psychologists and the way they embrace the trends of the time. I watch how they swallow the prevailing lies of a particular period; the lies manufactured by those who use the lies for the justification of enforced acceptance of toxic lifestyles. Morality exists because the lack of it will most certainly doom whatever civilization it has gone missing in. Moral codes are part of the glue that holds a culture together, along with traditions and most especially the family unit. When you can observe the family unit under threat you can automatically conclude that the culture in which it is taking place is in grave danger. The family unit is the principal key to social stability, period. When certain lifestyles that are fringe at best are mainstreamed into a celebrated prominence you can be certain that practitioners of the dark arts have wormed their way into positions of power and are ‘Hell-bent’ on the devastation of that culture.
A casual student of general commentary might well say to themselves, “that last paragraph looks like it was taken right out of some manual for right wing Christian conservatism.” It’s also directly stated in The Way of Life by Lao Tzu and other venerable sources. The truth is where you find it. It can be found in the most unlikely locations and is never rendered false simply by association. It has to be taken on the merits. If it’s true it doesn’t matter who said it or where you found it. It does matter if it is used improperly or for any number of reasons and we see plenty of that in these times. Personally, I appreciate a stable environment and I don’t know many people who do not. How I might behave privately has nothing to do with it, nor do I think some of my proclivities are a good idea for the general public. What I do on my own is my own affair. I made it this far. Many another might not have, which is why I don’t recommend an experimental or Bohemian lifestyle for others. You have to know if you have been granted certain dispensations.
I think it is important to conclude this with an observation that may grant some amount of comfort in these perilous times. Uncertainty is everywhere outside of you these days. You do not have to be uncertain within. No matter ‘where’ you are in the world surrounding, it is where you are at in the world within that matters. You are either on your own, dependent on that amount of will apportioned and the wits possessed and the ineffable allows this… for the purpose of demonstration (grin). We shall see if that grin remains. Or… you are dependent on the ineffable for everything and to the degree that you can accomplish that the ineffable will provide everything… for the purpose of demonstration.
Here is a heads-up on what ought to be evident but often we do not see what is right in front of us, due to accommodation and the usual distractions we permit to occupy our thoughts, along with what gets inserted when we are not watchful at the command center; Trump is a purpose of demonstration in action in real time. His opposition are fierce and relentless. He threatens their very survival in some respects and their money, which is of at least equal importance to them. It is going to come to a head fairly soon. On the other hand, he has some surprises coming for them, which they may, or may not be aware of. I am pretty confident that he had a part in the Weinstein affair and there are more where that came from. The Podesta-Hillary angle is in play. There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment that they have had to knock out some walls. Some of what is coming is going to shake up the world as we think we know it. On the other hand, Lady Nature has begun to inflame the orchestra. Kalifornia is burning and that is just the beginning. I can’t go into detail concerning my impressions but when they are as constant as they are, I can speak to the intensity and I’m hearing similar things from people I trust.
The level of persistence I am experiencing about certain matters is very strong. The atmosphere around Trump and the atmosphere around his opposition are like two weather fronts coming at one another. Meanwhile they are both taking place in Lady Nature’s playground. Everything is connected.
One of the most unfortunate aspects of those among us who pursue power and knowledge is that they are not equipped for the possession of either. The hunger that drives them is their undoing. This is what happened to Atlantis and many another stage production. We are in such a time now. Whether we survive what is coming or not, depends on the will of the everlasting. There are many allegories that tell the tale of the devastations that come; Sodom and Gomorrah are only two of the testimonies that remain as barely legible evidence of what happened …but they are there to remind us of what happens if we stray too far beyond Lady Nature’s tolerance. She is as stern as she needs to be and compassionate beyond measure. It is up to us which side of her personality we are on.
Look closely at what is taking place around you and mind how you go.
We’ll close with another of Timothy Raab’s photos;
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