May the Light of the Everlasting Find you As Soon as Can Be

Visible Origami — Oct 10, 2017

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Let us open today with something from a friend and one of the finest photographers I know, Timothy Rabb. Something like this serves to remind us of the beauty that is too often obscured beneath the assault on on human consciousness and culture by various factions of The Dark Lord.

There are the Gender Bender Armies of bent, folded, spindled and mutilated sexual expression. There is The Atheist Brigade and the Satanic Military Command. They are assisted by The Protocols of Zion Infantry and the Antifa New Reign of Terror, who are supported by the Communist attack upon free societies the world over, or at least those societies that imagine themselves to be free. They are in a nervous alliance with each other. At any given time they could well be adversaries because their only concern is their own supremacy over everyone else. For the moment they are in concert as they seek to destroy all that is good and unifying. They hate what is good and they hate unity because in unity there is strength. Subsequently they seek to change the definition of good until the general public has no idea what is good and what is not.
You have heard us speak of the Satanic nature of Rap Music for some time here. It keeps becoming ever more brazen in this particular expression. The Gender Benders and Satanists have completely taken over this particular industry and that is generally well known to those who stand in singular objection to it. We are literally expected to bend over and take it. One thing must be kept uppermost in the mind concerning the events of the day. The objective of the Satanists is CHAOS and DISORDER. This is why the basic male and female identities are being blurred to the extent that they no longer appear to exist as specific types.
This is why certain wars and conflicts are initiated in certain locales where the resident cultures are vastly different from The West and as a result of these conflicts, forced immigration is instituted, in order to assist in the destruction of the cultures they are intentionally migrated to. This is why all local law enforcement agencies are ordered to not interfere in crimes against the public that are committed by these migrants. This is why the authorities in Charlottesville told the police to stand down when Antifa attacked those protesting against politically correct offenses against the public and why in the media, wherever it is discussed, we are told that those who were protesting and then attacked by Antifa, are Nazis and White Supremacists and members of Hate Groups. They are so named by the Soros financed cataloger of hate groups; The Southern Poverty Law Center. The real hate groups are the ones attacking the ones being designated as hate groups.
Another demonstration of CHAOS AND DISORDER are the attacks such as the one that just took place in Las Vegas. These are intended to generate FEAR and OUTRAGE in the public mind and which are authorized and carried out by a hostage government which takes its orders from Israel and other centers of Satanic control, like London and New York and most especially from the invisible planes.
Only a fool does not see what is taking place the world over. Once again it is OUR DUTY to inform you that there is only ONE SOURCE OF POWER and that is the ruling authority of the invisible hierarchy. This source apportions all power whatsoever is apportioned and it is done for the purpose of demonstration. As has been stated by philosophers and mystics and poets and others through the totality of this period of recorded history, this world is a stage, where experiences are had for the purpose of enlightenment at whatever far reach that may occur. These same sources and all legitimate spiritual texts have stated that the ineffable ruler of all things, created both good and evil for the ultimate completion of the drama that takes place here. It has been said that not a sparrow falls without the knowledge and consent of the all seeing and all knowing ruler of this planet and all planets and planes that ever there were or will be.
We lack total unity in our minds and we lack the faith and certainty in the necessary amount in our hearts. Were we to possess these we would indeed fear no evil. Nothing of a malefic nature could touch us.
There are more philosophies and points of view put forth here than one can list and they differ widely. Some agree completely with one another and some do not agree at all. I am not concerned with any of them. Some may be true and real to the extent that they reach but NONE OF THEM, none of them reach all the way to that place that is everlasting and eternal and which one arrives at through the good graces of the indwelling guide and by the invitation of the one who resides and rules there from everlasting to everlasting. No man or woman at any time has been in possession of the means or the power to accomplish on their own, true liberation.
There are those that will seek to argue with me on this account and they are welcome to do so, though they will find I am neither present for nor engaged in that argument. I know that I do not know, just as certainly as I am aware of one who does and in those hands I place my fortunes and my fate and have no interest in any other system or ideology of any kind, believing as I do that all of them are methods people use to convince themselves that they have found what they are looking for or will find what they are looking for, especially when 99% of the time they do not even know what it is they are looking for. Some will tell you they seek peace but they cannot tell you what that is outside of a subjective impression of it and the same applies to all else, whether it be Love or God or anything at all because everything changes and is no longer what is was, given that we change and our values change and our objectives change, once we see the limitations that are the unbending parameters of whatever that objective may be.
God, or the ineffable, or the divine or whatever you term it, whatever name you give it… is real. It is truly real but it is not what we think it is. It is beyond the reach and capacity of thought to define or comprehend it. I trust that I will know and be taught what it is I am meant to know and what it is that I am meant to learn and that may well be no more than a very small sliver of what is there to be known and learned and I am fine with never knowing or learning any of them so long as I know and learn what is meant for me to know and to learn.
I am willing to put aside all personal ambitions of any kind. I am willing to give up anything and everything to acquire the presence and communion of and with the ineffable, the father, author and source of all good things who knows in a way that I shall never know, what is right for me and what is not and is generous and merciful to the extent that he will provide for me all that I shall ever need and much that I was not even capable of imaging. This will all take place to the degree that I am able to put my faith in unwavering fashion in that one, above and beyond all others; that one who put the stars in their place and the planets in their courses and holds them there for so long as he is pleased to do so. What pleases this source of all things is what pleases me and I have zero interest in anything else.
For a good portion of this life I was a fool. I may still be a fool but I am a different kind of fool now. I am God’s Fool, here to dance to whatever music it pleases him to see me dance to.
All are welcome to come here and take what they find useful and to discard what is of no value to them. All are welcome to agree or disagree with me. I care not a wit one way or the other. It certainly pleases me when anyone finds useful things and when their life is improved, even in the smallest measure but I can take no credit for anything. I willingly accept ownership of every error and mistake and will strive in all my moments for the length of whatever time remains to me to improve in every area of endeavor. For the moment, no doubt, some amount of error, some portion of mistakes, will continue to occur but the day will come, the moment will arrive, when an end will be made of all of them.
I pray that the everlasting light shall find you one and all. I await that blessed day when we shall see each other as we are and not as suffering profligates in a strange land. I know with unshakable certitude that this will come to pass and so… I am content to wait and to watch for so long as that is deemed necessary by the one I seek to serve, however imperfectly that may be.
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