Sex is a Rite of Marriage — Oct 9, 2017

For most people, the idea of reserving sex for marriage is a quaint and nearly incomprehensible idea.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

marriageWhen I was a teenager in the 1960’s, society still believed that sex was something reserved for marriage.
Around that time, we were bombarded with propaganda that taught that prohibiting extramarital sex was prudish and life-denying. This was part of a larger Communist social engineering program designed to destroy the institution of marriage. The pendulum now has swung to this satanist extreme where anonymous extramarital sex (hooking up, fuck-buddy, booty call) has been normalized.
We have passed the point where, for most people, the idea of reserving sex for marriage is a quaint and nearly incomprehensible idea.
I am not here to advocate that we do reserve sex for marriage because often it is impractical. (I do think sex belongs to serious courtship and a longterm loving relationship.) However, those quaint religious restrictions contain great wisdom that cannot be ignored without negative consequences.
Here’s why:
  1. Female nature. More than anything, healthy heterosexual women want to be loved by a man, their husband. They want to his Goddess. They want to be possessed by him. Sex is a form of woman worship. When a man “makes love” to his wife, (yes, it used to be called that) he is basically paying homage to her beauty and importance to him. Sex is an act of love.
During intercourse, most women’s faces become very beautiful, as if nature has blessed this act. Sex is obviously a rite of marriage as a man cannot really “make love” to a woman he doesn’t know or love. What these men and women are really doing is masturbating. This is what sexual intercourse has become.


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