Trump DID mean military options ‘on the table’ in North Korea Twitter tirade

Vincent Wood — Daily Express Oct 9, 2017


The US President has not shied away from threatening the warmongering North Korean dictator on Twitter, previously saying he will “totally destroy” Kim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom.

Now a close personal aide has confirmed the Republican firebrand meant he was prepared for war when he claimed “only one thing will work” when dealing with North Korea.

On Saturday the President tweeted: “Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of US negotiators.

“Sorry, but only one thing will work!”

Now in a clarification, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has confirmed the President is ready for conflict on the Korean peninsula amid surging fears he and Kim Jong-Un could trigger World War 3.

Mr Mulvaney said: “I think what the president is clearly telegraphing, and this should not be news to anybody, is that military options are on the table with North Korea.

“They absolutely are.”

Washington’s Democrat representative Pramila Jayapal expressed her deep concern about President Trump’s latest tweets on Saturday, saying they “terrify” her.

She told CNN: “It is terrifying the country because I really don’t believe that Americans want the United States to go to war unnecessarily and they certainly don’t want us to be the bully in the schoolyard taunting North Korea to go to war with us.”

Describing the posts as “war tweets”, she also said she believed Mr Trump’s comments could be interfering with diplomatic efforts aimed at improving the situation with North Korea.

She added: ”It’s you know, undermining all of his negotiators who are trying to find other ways, I believe, to address the situation in North Korea.”

Meanwhile, fellow Democrat Californian representative Ted Lieu, a Colonel in the US Air Force reserves, suggested the only thing that could de-escalate tensions between the US and North Korea would be President Trump’s resignation.

He tweeted: “Dear Donald Trump: Is that one thing you resigning? I’m sure your generals told you there are zero good military options against N Korea.

“Estimates of war casualties with N Korea could be 2.1million dead and 7.7million injured. Get the problem yet?

“N Korea is a mountainous country and they hide nukes/chemical weapons.

“The US would need massive & bloody ground invasion to try to find those weapons.

“What makes POTUS think US can win & hold territory in N Korea?

“We invaded a weaker country 16 years ago. Have we won yet in Afghanistan?”

He later added: “In 1st Korean War, China & Russia helped North Korea.

“What if they do that again? Would US troops fire on Chinese & Russian troops?”


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