False Flags are Pretext for Police State, says Reader

henrymakow.com — Oct 8, 2017

Smoloko Las Vegas shooting

After a year of grace, by legitimizing Las Vegas false flag, Donald Trump has confirmed his participation in the Freemasonic Jewish (Illuminati, Communist) conspiracy to enslave humanity.
The article below was sent anonymously. It reflects the alarm felt by an average intelligent American male at the betrayal by the government and all social institutions, especially mass media. They are disguising an undeclared war of terror on the American people by its communist controllers. 
The author of this article is the kind of intelligent male that the Illuminati are trying to destroy by promoting feminism, gendercide, homosexuality, and transsexuality. 
Encore- Video captures two shooters in LV crowd.  Wearing police vests?
“People need to study the vast disparity of how much more firepower the internal police systems are amassing while politicians are taking away the peoples’ rights.”

By Brain Buster — (henrymakow.com) 

Today YouTube, Facebook and common search engines are censoring more information and it will be harder for real truth news to get out.  Think about this: they claim upwards to 20,000 thousand people attended that country music festival–how many cell phones with cameras would have been there as well? You should be able to literally see hundreds of pictures of ambulances and people loading bloody bodies on gurneys. You would see blood everywhere.
And it should be stated upfront these events are staged using crisis actors and some could easily have worked with Halloween fake blood and acted as if they were shot. Reports of blood do not necessarily mean anything. How many pictures of mangled body parts do we see?
One fake actor interviewing with CNN (who sounds about as authentic and traumatized as a joke) claims his friend was shot three times and he held him in his arms (but zero blood!). Check out at 8 minutes 30 seconds into this video (actually the whole video is worth watching) but this guy is total BS: Mandalay Bay Shooting HOAX, Crisis Actors, Gun Control Agenda!!  
Surely the gunshot sounds from some places sounded real–such as from the hotel–but they could have been “blank bullets” coming out of real automatic rifles or a machine gun. Yet there is also cellphone footage at the actual concert crowd in which people are heard declaring what they were hearing was “fake” gunshots. So you may have various sources of gunshot sounds.



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